A Old Spider in Great Need



Hi all!! (years playing sf and just now utilizing the forums)

Ive been playing Juri since the day SSF4 dropped and i was in love day one. We have been through some ridiculous times and she is by far my favorite character of the cast. I love my spider queen.However, I grew frustrated with her a year or 2 back and just explored other characters. Nothing fits like Juri does. Im starting to really get back into SSF4 and prepare for Ultra (DAT BUFF ON EX PINWHEEL DOE!) .Despite not being as hardcore as i use to be, im more than ready to start putting time in once again to surpass my previous level of play. My Juri always hits B level but then it starts to just drop slowly but surely and i want to change that. Ive got your basics down and over the years have built somewhat of match-up experience. However there is one glaring huge flaw that has been stopping me from evolving and thats FSE. I never learned to use it properly and it is limiting, (along with other smaller issues-lack of FADC combos, slight jumping problem, no OS’s and others) my advancement… On top of that i could still use much match-up experience, but i no longer have many friends that play SSF4 on Xbox-360. If anyone has any advice or suggestions in terms of overall bettering my Juri play (or could point me in the direction of updated discussions) or would like to play some time it would be greatly appreciated.

GT: xMenace2Godsx -Baltimore, MD.


post replays


Hey, Ra_L! If your friends don’t play much that’s fine. The online crowd is still flourishing like crazy. Find some ranked or endless and do some sets with people who are on your level or better. Then just send them a friend request :slight_smile: It’s not hard to find any competition online. Like Shiro suggested, post some replays. We can help you from there :slight_smile:


You can get by just fine using U2. Just learn the myriad ways to combo into it.

If you want to use U1, I’d suggest searching youtube for ArtistByDefault (Kail on this board) and watch his U1 videos. I think Juicebox also did a little thing on FSE but I’m not sure. Practice the punisher combo from the What Works on Who thread and play around with resets in training mode. All her standing mediums and hards can cause resets, some are easier to use than others though - I personally prefer close.MP and far.MK.


You guys give me too much credit. Lol.

For fse the best advice I can give is to remember you have 900 frames to make it happen… Don’t change your gameplan… And know key things.

1)does this work on a standing opponent?
2)does this work on a crouching opponent
3)leave lights out unless your confirming

Nothin sucks more than getting an opening and your far hk comes out…making you whiff (dp fadc ultra and you lose). I find havin combos for standing and crouching really helps normalize her damage

Ex. Ryu

Crouching - oh > mp, c.mk, s.hk (2), h.pinwheel
Standing - mp, hk (2), c.hp xx h.pinwheel

Stuff like that is super important to maximize your damage and opportunity. Or be a try hard and use links

Crouching - oh > c.mk, c.mp, c.hp > far hk xx h. Pinwheel



Baltimore? Hit up Xanadu gaming on friday nights when you can if you don’t already. Great place to meet other players and level up.


TECHNOLOGY TREE DOOOOOOOOE! Those vids were really helpful and gives me a much greater understanding of how i should approach my FSE usage. Ill have to spend some time in training mode but im vey excited to start implementing some of what i learned. Many thank yous ^_^!