A or C,hmmm whats ur opinion?

Ive been playing cvs2 for years and Ive seen about everything, but I cant help feel like I need to switch to a-groove. I play c, which is very solid in my opinion dont get me wrong but…I feel like I lose to some garbage players sometimes who are just extremly good with a. Can anyone else feel the hurt?> :xeye:

A-groove is hands down the best groove in cvs2. if anybody tries to argue C is better than A, then they’re wasting their time.

A groove is the best groove. But anyone can win, so use what you’re comfortable with.

A groove is only the best when you land lots of customs. And that happens mostly when you’re better than the C groove player.
I’d say that neither is better. A groove is great, if you love bison, blanka and sakura.
C groove is just as good, with a bigger selection of characters.

To each their own. I prefer C.

I myself prefer A, but it’s based on the player.

Some characters standout better in A:

Blanka, Bison, Sakura, Vega

And some in C:

Sagat, Chun Li, Guile, Honda

does sagat even count for c groove? hes good with almost every groove. Hmm My problem might be my team…bison chun vega…I used to use blanka so maybe I should ditch chun for blanka and go a? …that would suck tho…:frowning:

N-groove bandwagon time! Sign up now while there’s still seats available.

the only thing I dont like about A groove is that u have nothing to protect u in the air… C groove has airguard but sumtimes its useless…

but I prefer A cuz I started off using A and its more flashier…

Sorry Ace but popoblo’s right. There really isn’t any reason to use C over A. The only differences are meter and air guard. The mete (whilst actually quite good for C, is still inferior to A. I personally hate the idea that I can screw up customs, so I like sticking with C, but that doesn’t change the fact that A is better. it just means y execution is shit and that’s my own flaw.) As for Air guard I’ll take mid-air Activate xx CC over non-working-air-guard anyday. Chicken blocking is useful, but you can definatly get by with AA CC’s insteas :P.

Air guard would’ve been a whole lot useful if it was just block in the air, instead of having that annoying ‘they have to be in the air too’ thing which just kills it. Smart people just AA you from the ground. Like I said chicken blocking is still good, but it’s uses are fairly limited, and AA CC > Chickenblocking.

Lol I just found that hilarious, especially since I’ve been once again using a fair bit as of late. Also the best part was “while there’s still seats available” -> :rofl: