A paper about SF4

A paper was published this morning at a Computer Science conference CSCW2010 (http://www.cscw2010.org). The paper is called Street Fighter IV: Braggadocio Off and On-line, and was written by Norman Makoto Su. It’s about all the hype of SF4.

You can find the paper here: http://www.cscw2010.org/program/papersnotes.php (search for “Street Fighter IV”)
The actual pdf is here: http://www.ics.uci.edu/~normsu/papers/Su-SFIV-CSCW10.pdf

It’s a very nice read.

Unless by ‘professional gamer of SF’ he meant ‘whiny little bitch’ then I declare this paper null and void.

Jesus Christ after reading through the rest of it, it seems the most interaction the author has with the community is watching some DSP bullshit while rubbing his nipples. Stuff this bad actually gets published? Guess my crayola cookbook is close to becoming a reality.

Man, that was a nice read. Good stuff.

It suffers from relative comparisons to actual professionals. While he’s not “pro”, he’s far above the casual gamer and puts time and effort into his own video setup, no matter how whiny he gets.

And remember, there’s no cemented definition for “professional” yet in the fighting game world.

Well when I think of describing anyone as a professional player, I can only think of two ways in which it could be understood, a player who has a professional attitude (i.e not a repugnant little twat like dsp), or a player who is in the top tier of skill in their game and placing high regularly at national tournaments (is he winning some secret Illuminati sponsored tourneys I’ve not been hearing about?)

You’re saying he’s far above the average player because he makes an effort with his videos? Because I haven’t seen him stand out at all, other than being an exceptionally stupid cock and sore loser.

In case you haven’t noticed, 95% of people who’ve played Street Fighter can barely hadouken. :\

If this paper is getting reviewed by people who have never touched the game, the term “professional” is passable as a definition. It sure as hell beats “Youtube Celebrity Who Complains A Lot” when you’re trying to make a point.

This guy is a horrible writer. He uses the word “Indeed” to start sentences 3 times in one fucking paragraph. He’s pushing towards King of “<Insert useless, meaningless word…follow with comma> , <THERE IT IS! Alright, on with the sentence.” style of writing. It doesn’t make you sound intelligent and it (as you can see) infuriates your reader.

More like: “Norman Makoto Su; A Thesis on Pseudo-Intellectuality”

Maybe he’ll start dropping the “really” bomb, the cake-taking word of pure meaninglessness, later in the essay-thing whatever the hell I’m reading…

Mecha: watch DSP play Super Turbo, then come talk to us…

If you are referring to DSP using a broken CE Bison and winning, or when he beats Justin Wong with an OP Akuma, both characters are banned btw, then no, DSP is not as good as his fans claim.

Yes, he is really good at HDRemix, but not nearly as good as he claims. I dont hate DSP, yes, he is lazy, obnoxious, a hypocrit, fat, and rude, but that is how he is. I hate his fans most of all. They are smash bros players who laugh at Phil’s toilet humors. Oh well, what can you do?

Already knew he was decent at ST and HDR, but the paper is all about SF4 (whether that’s the intention or not), as are the videos the author keeps citing.

So I stand by the point that his whiny, unsportsmanlike and childish behaviour far outweighs his skill in SF4.

i’m not like a dsp fanboy or anything. in fact his fanboys annoy the crap out of me… but i gotta say the haters he has are even more annoying. like seriously get off the mans nuts, if you don’t like him ignore him/don’t talk about him. but making 3 10+ minute video’s and doing all the editing for them? obsessed much?

DSP is an insufferable twat. He is more annoying than that kid who uses turbo blanka and thinks it’s part of the game.

Wow, I was lied to. That was not a good read at all.