A Pattern In Leaked Character Lists

One thing I noticed in these leaked Character lists there are characters
that are what I call common which show up in all the character lists
that were leaked, it would appear that only a handful of characters
were leaked so everyone who had the list added their own chars to it.
This would explain why the leaked lists are different from one
another… The Common Characters are as follows…

1.Nathan Spencer (Bionic Commando)
2.Mike Haggar
3.Frank West
4.Albert Wesker
8.She Hulk
11.War Machine (Alt)

Those were the only characters that keep showing up in the lists that
are floating around on the internet. The Marvel characters were hard
to do since everyone with a list has different roster for Marvel.
It should also be noted that Thor and Amaterasu were on those lists
before they were revealed… Spider-man might end up being the same

Your thoughts?

Dont believe the leaked list, they are a proton cannon full of fail. Just hold your breath for TGS.

I would be happy with Gouki(Akuma).

I dont put too much stock in the lists but the pattern I saw was just strange. Why would they all have same 10 characters? Their might be something to it. But yes TGS will be great!

Yeah, but those lists were all wrong (or all but one).
So you’re looking for patterns within a bunch of fake & made-up lists.

baseless speculation is the best speculation

i really want hsien-ko in this game though, she’d be so cool

No Tron Bonne in these lists, so total fake.

There’s no mystery to this.

One fake list comes out. Everyone sees it. Someone takes that list, edits it, puts a new fake list up. Everyone sees that list. Someone else takes that list, edits it, puts a new fake list up.

These things didn’t all suddenly pop into existence one day. They’ve been one after the other.

Also; the way these lists work, people put in characters they think are really likely to make it look good, then slip in 1 or 2 characters they really like to make whatever bizarre point people think they’re making when they make leaklists :slight_smile:

I think he realizes they’re fake. Or at least, with the millionth post in a row saying they’re fake, I think he gets it. xD

The pattern is interesting. I find it as pure luck that they happened to have written down who really was in the game, and in multiple lists at that. Maybe the pattern’s true, that’d be a sight.

Akuma should be a clue on how these lists are fake. He won’t be in.

Remember that last guy who said to us that in time we’ll see that he’s right. No T. Bonne on his list.

OP is wrong…

The speculation and Guessing thread stickied up top is where you want to be.