A personal project

I’ve been busy working on a personal project. Just thought i’d post some pictures of it for you all to see.

It’s a prototype sloped box, Wireless Xbox360 stick, plexi bottom, working LED’s. :lovin:


All in all i’m really happy with the way it turned out, really comfy to play, however if i had to nitpick i’d fix the slighty off artwork, spend more time on the paintwork ( kinda rushed it to get it done over the weekend and so i could use it ) & use less wire inside. lol

mmm i love spaghetti!

The stick looks incredible , good job on those LED.

Lol! thanks!

Yeah i really need to tidy that up. lol.

is this the same quality of stick that you sell on your site?

I’m not gonna answer that cause i’m an 09 member & it’s forbidden.

Looking good!

why the spaces in your corner posts?


No real reason for the spaces. I guess i coulda done em solid.

Looks great, are you going to LED the buttons?

Very nice stick!:tup:Love the akuma layout and how the buttons match the case.

Great job, it looks awesome!

Fantastic Stick man!

Thanks. I might do, but for now i need loads of practice playin SFIV. :rofl:

Thanks! I almost made a Ken one as i play with Ken more, however i prefer Akuma but suck using him, so i figured Evil is the way to go! :wgrin:



The LEDs are really nice and I like the white frame. Nice Stick. Will you wire the battery pack to be chraged externally or do you exchange the batteries from the bottom?


Currently i change the batteries from the bottom. Depending how much of a burden this becomes will prompt me into making something to charge them.

Great looking stick! Really professional looking.


Thanks! :lovin:

Great to see you have got real pictures up on your site now, makes it look a lot more legitimate. I hope it goes well.

Thanks, i am honest, but got off on the wrong foot here on the forum.