A personal "REDO" of SF4 (What would you like?)


This is a thread discussing of what I’d like to see in an SF4 mod using ONO-the software, not the designer who Kazuya may or may not have knocked into the hospital with an EWGF. Community input would be cool, let’s see if we can actually get this rolling. Everyone has their beefs with this. Maybe once we get it rolling and get a set of things worked out we can send it in as a project for a modder like error1. This could be big.

Some characters I may not mention for the sake of time or just not wanting anything done to them. Let me know-respectfully, please- how you feel about these ideas. If you don’t like it, suggest something else. I do realize the game can work as is.

*System Ideas

Personally, I miss meaty pressure.

Possibly having an alpha style or 3s style quick get up. both are really punishable. however I think there are ways to punish quick getups in this game anyway…

We have 2 button throws and yet no karas for a lot of the cast. :expressionless: Anyone want their kara madness back who isn’t a Ken or Vega player? Some characters like Rufus or Seth I strongly advise not having a kara because they can get in so easily. Yun, despite being nerfed, doesn’t have a kara, and probably doesn’t need one. He DID have a command throw kara in 3s, but it may be op here due to the new combo system and ultras. It’s not like Capcom hasn’t done it already with say… Makoto.

Ultra meter- less of it for getting hit (grapplers get slightly more). More for focus absorbtion and use of armor moves (that aren’t broken by other moves).

Super- Some gain via normals. Gain rule is not applied in juri FSE, still gains at 1/3rd. Gain is more like the alpha series.

To the forums: How do you feel on shortcuts? They have their use but they get in the way. CMK xx shoryu whiff isn’t cool when you are going for a Hadoken.

Possibly a gc like in the alpha series? 2 meters, motion varies depending on character.

Character ideas

Guile: Getting the backfist back. The real one. Because who uses far st fierce?
Maybe some remnant of his old cps1 chain, by adding a combo that allows clk to target combo to backfist. These two things may be too op, however.

     Less flashkick trades. Guile players, let me know if you like this or not, as trades can set up ults... I think. Not a guile main.

Ken- quicker overhead kicks that go into super.
I want jinrai over his super that he has now, but maybe that’s just me. May be too op especially considering he has gurren (fight the powa) anyway. But, past initial startup, it could be tackled with other moves.
Do you guys like the sf2 or 3s cmk better? I like the 3s one, but the sf2 one has more range and seems to retract a little easier.
Kara shoryu x2. Although he can do shoryu x2 pretty easily anyway.
The real target combo. If you don’t know the current one is a link combo from cvs2 that has been turned into a target combo. The 3s one has a different animation that is the 3s close mp with the old back hp that ryu had from sf alpha and sean had from 2i.
Maybe some remnant of his lk > stand fierce, although you can do jab to that anyway, so it may be too op.
Knee bash neutral grab?

Akuma- faster air tatsu that’s closer to the 3s version. Not quite THAT fast but good enough to where it can anti air a little easier and be followed up with a special.
ae divekick? yay/nay.
-.- do people want the ex flip> ex hado removed or not? its a nerfed, expensive version of overhead dk.

Ryu- overhead kick actually an overhead. Possibly with a back hk motion like in sfa3.
fw mp into sweep as a strict link?
meaty 1 hit overhead mp > super (like in 3s)?
Joundan Shontou Geri (donkey kick)? Yes/no. It’s ex version would be ridiculously powerful, especially to a character with so many ultra setups and combos already. Maybe just having it as a regular special that can cause a wallbounce on counterhit with only a certain version of it. Soft knockdown. that wouldn’t be AS op.

Makoto- Better walk speed. Because she makes sf3 mak look like a fast walker. Although you should be dashing about with her anyway…

Maybe a 3s overhead since she is a 3s character.

Can the lp chop go into super these days? I don’t know.

The old mixups off of an lp karakusa would be nice. If not a bit op.

Viper- viper is already amazing, nuff said. Somehow make her u2 usable or something, although she doesn’t really need it. If anything you’d use it vs Sagat.

Sagat- Sagat’s pretty good. Maybe allow mashing on his knee bash to actually do something. EY EY EY.
Are his glitches with his ult 1 fixed? I’ve seen the second part (the super tiger upper of orange doom) not even animate before. This was in AE though.

Bison- Maybe a version of one of his moves that doesn’t go through fireballs, if he doesn’t already have one. May not be necessary, bison is good.

The “paint the fence” move? Thoughts on that? Too good?

Abel- guard cancel should help Abel a lot. He’s already REALLY good offensively. Those Abel comebacks are amazing, worthy of the guile music.

T hawk- what do you think about a version of his grab that costs a bit of meter but is essentially super safe, like his st grab? Experimental and probably broken idea.

If not this, a slightly better Lp, bout it.

Chun- I want the real tenshokyaku, but it might make her too much of a turtle character and possibly too good and too much like a shoto.
Changes so that u1 can connect on characters like oni? Thoughts? It takes specific setups now.

I don’t think giving characters like Vega their old walldives back is a good idea for everyone else.Another thing is that you can focus attack the darn things now… but the mixup between throw and attack would be extremely deadly, even with focus. It would be cool for Vega players, but the ST vega matchup for a lot of characters is nuts. And Vega is great now- just in the right hands. Sup, Jozhear.


Seth and Yun have kara command grabs…Viper’s U2 is basically easy mode combo…
Sagat’s ultra doesn’t “glitch” in the traditional sense, but it has to be done differently in the corner quite often.

so I stopped reading. All I really want is less frames to do reversals on knock downs anyway (just to encourage something that breaks “you have to do this until he respects it” style of play)

one change that’s actually warranted imo though is fixing Guile’s knockdown issue.


I dont hate anything about it at all. I just bought this game after returning that SF x T…
Ive been getting my ass whooped but the games too fun to play for me to even be the slightest salty… Either that or Makoto is fun to learn.
Although Seth seems Godlike… But it just makes you think more is all :o
I need more practice :\


SF4 + better keep-away + smaller stages - ultras - stupid characters (Fuerte, Rufus, Viper) - easy inputs = fantastic game.


Less gain of ultra meter by taking dmg but instead gain ultra meter when you dish out dmg.


Make the game more like ST. Done.




Chuns u1 and super should be double qcf.

she should build super meter faster

make her ex spinning bird kick good. it has a lot of issues, too many to list, but i think it could use a bigger hit box and t should be more reliable. I mean she IS using meter for her only real reversal.

she should be able to follow up her one target combo with stomps, the one that starts with back medium kick


Switch Yangs inputs from sf4 to 3s style. I cant get used to how the roll and dash thing are switched. :expressionless:

but mostly, make him more like he was in AE. he was nerfed for really dumb reasons. im not saying he was perfect in AE, but he got hit way way harder than he deserved


Viper’s a cool character, makes playing the game a bit more fun.
She beats up Shotos and the like because everyone has been Nerfed by this series in some way, and for Shotos it’s the uppercuts. They were never designed to handle her really either.

There SHOULD be a tatsu> shoryu option select like there is in ST, given some similar mechanics (meter sys would mess it up if you needed to piano key at all). This is used in that game to handle Vega more easily, who also has similar left> right mixups and similarly solid horizontal pressure.

My idea on ultras is to make them kinda like instant kills- high risk, high reward, not low risk, high reward. Possibly make a threshold on health for use. One way to do this is what I suggested- make the meter gain much less for getting hit and more for absorbing. If you get hit or broken during an absorb, less meter for you.


I want the twins to be more 3s in general. Their divekicks don’t even seem to be 3s good. Yang doesn’t rely on ex’s so much and he actually has a hard time cutting people down, which is weird. He feels sort of like 2i yang, without the benefits.

Kind of why I proposed the meter gain on normals. Not to 3s level but still.


Picking super combos, that’s it


T. hawk needs a method of controlling horizontal space better. Buffing Spire in some way would help a lot.


[*]Fireball hitboxes should be the size of the fireball




[]Less recovery on fireballs (they should be at least neutral on block from point blank).
]Less moves that go through/around fireballs from near full screen.
[]Remove quick stand. I think that characters should just get up immediately: you should NOT be able to adjust the timing of your character’s wakeup.
]Increase startup of all DPs to at least 5 frames. If you get knocked down, you should be forced to deal with a safe jump IMO.
[]Improve hitboxes on DPs prevent trades.
]Tighten the input leniency and shortcuts.
[]I’d like QCF to have priority over SRK. SRK ends with :DF:, so a properly executed SRK should never fail. This would also prevent accidental SRKs when attempting fireballs after walking forward.
]No ultra should do more than 300 damage.


Call in VesperArcade to make a proper tutorial.


TNB thread, TNB post.


A mechanic to stop predictable pressure (parrying, alpha counters w/e you want just something). Less invincibility on DPs. A More floaty juggle state and pickable supers with more than four ex bars (that’s fine for shotos but some characters are more meter dependent than others). I mean overall the game is fine for what it is. I just hope that 5 offers more flexibility.


That’s what reversals are (supposed to be) for. If you feel that the opponent is being predictable, than you take the risk of using a “GTFO me” move. If your character doesn’t have one, than you’ve messed up already by allowing the opponent to pressure you in the first place.

I’d actually like to see DPs become strong anti-airs like they were in the SF2 series. DPs hit trading jump-ins is one of the most absurd things about SF4 IMO. I think it would be interesting if non-EX DPs weren’t startup invincible, but were invincible for the duration of the active frames. EX moves would be the go to reversal option, making meter management more important.


What are you on about? In the past two iterations of Street Fighter if someone insists on poking with the same BS pressure you see all the time in 4 (Fei Long for example) then you have a mechanic to literally say gtfo (alpha counter, or parrying) mashing DP is not a mechanic to do so and more than that is a stupid thing to rely on regularly.


I didn’t say mash. If someone is being predictable, then it should be easy to counter whatever they are doing. Are you familiar with the term Umeshoryu?