A Personal UNDO of SF4 Complaint Threads


#1. Be happy you have a game, a system and a house to play in. Other people around the world, hell, even in your own state might not have such a luxury. if you still want to gripe, donate your system & games to a family/person/organization that WON’T complain.
#2. Instead of complaining here, email CAPCOM where your complaints/gripes might actually do some benefit.
#3. You should be in training mode/online/at a friend’s place, improving your game instead of making these repetitive, OVER DONE threads. You might have less to complain about. Do you think Top Level players sit around and make complaint threads? Trust me, they don’t.
#4. If you don’t like this game, go play the billion other FGs out there. Why waste time complaining or speculating when you could be playing?
You know what, SCREW THIS THREAD!!!, I’m going to go play/train/ENJOY.


So you make a complaint thread to complain about the 3 other complaint threads? Where has common sense gone?


You spout rhetoric about Common Sense, yet you subscribe to an imaginary friend and praise capital punishment. Typical. You want to stand on a soapbox and look down at others who aren’t of your same ilk.

There are no complaints, just statements about why people shouldn’t complain and what to do with their excessive free time instead of posting threads that have no contributing value to SRK whatsoever.


Stupid topic but nice rebuttal.


And you start debates with personal insults and do nothing to address my point that this thread should not exist. You also contradict yourself with that second statement of yours, as this is a thread with “no contributing value to SRK whatsoever”.

Also, you should click the reply button when you post something that is directed at someone else.


I’m not a christian and this thread still sucks.


WOW. You really need to make use of dictionary.com
This is NOT a debate, because your “points” are grossly retarded. I didn’t DIRECTLY address your point because you claimed I was complaining, and I am clearly STATING that people should be GRATEFUL for what they have. Therefore your claim that this is a complaint thread is INCORRECT.
My contributing value was to edify the morons making complaint threads about a video game;
Appreciate the fact that you CAN actually play a game.
That is a CONTRIBUTION, thus there is NO contradiction.

You want to say how proud you are to be a Christian on a FIGHTING game website, and try to rally others around a subject that divides us instead of unites us, be prepared to reap what you sow.

ALSO, the RULES of posting clearly state:

5. General Ranting and Whining threads: We understand that tick throws piss you off. We understand that you hate XBL Ken. We understand that you wish you were better. We understand that you think there are too many shoto players. We sympathize. We really, really, really, really do. The SSF4 main board, unfortunately, is not your rant board/punching bag/live journal. If the substance of your new thread is just to whine in public, it’s going to get closed. When the urge hits to let it all out, perhaps refer to the General Discussions Board, Fighting Games Board, Saikyo Board or even better: the blog feature!


You’re a fucking retard, please shut up.


No, you’re just a board troll. A religion all unto its own.

Come stateside & MAKE ME shut up, BITCH.
IF you actually are in Trinidad & Tobago.

Try to give you kids some food for thought and you reply like you have full frontal lobotomies.


Lol some wannabe-intellectual and big thinker trying to play mod, go away with your self-righteous blabbering, none of us is a saint, including you.



What should I pray to though? I thought you were against the whole imaginary friends thing.


This coming from a batty boy who has penistorture backwards in his signature.


Cool, you’re the first one to notice that!


Scared little bitch posting my PM in the forums. LMAO.

Offer still stands. Come to America, and you will turn tricks for Eddie Murphy after I alter you.


See me at a tournament stateside and we’ll see who leaves without fingers.
I’ll teach you respect.





If you pay for flight and lodging, I will.


It’s just penistorture, penistorture, penistorture with you, isn’t it?

What the hell kind of tournaments are you going to? Are you sure you’re not supposed to be on stabscotch.com*?

One can only hope.

*Not a penistorture site, before you start frantically clicking on it…


More LOBOTOMIES. Literary alliterations are beyond you morons.
Keep hoping squirrel muncher.
At 38 you should be getting Prostate exams, not trolling my posts.


Dude, its a discussion board. Part of that is discussing the good–and the bad, naturally–of Street Fighter. I hate when people perceive criticism of a game as some kind of personal insult. Bitching and complaining is what encouraged Crapcom to re-define SFxT. Bitching is what got you AE 2012 after the cluster-fuck that was AE.

There is a difference between objectively discussing something and just trying to criticize for the sake of it.



Perhaps. I got the cinematic allusion - alas, any attempted alliterative argument avoided my amateur analysis. Apologies.

Advancing age agrees*.

*Particularly as a whisky drinker…