A Petition To Give Back Our Psycho Punisher



Psycho Punisher is dead to me.

I kid you not. I will be using vanilla ultra for the rest of my AE Bison career. However short lived as that may be.

Recovery on it is fucking HORRIBLE, I swear the hop speed (airtime?) is slower no matter what others say, the motion is fucking terrible, and the small damage increase does nothing to make this better. I can understand one or two tweaks, but to fuck us over for our ultra, combined with the speed issues, is unforgivable. I swear I’ve even seen it land, then get beat by an ex SRK from Oni and Evil Ryu somehow. Fucking Capcom magic. You would think that it was Ono’s village that got burned down by Bison in canon, or that he single handedly quaked the fuck out of Japan using nothing more than Psycho Power and a calendar full of Tuesdays.

So I hereby demand capcom at least return PP to a better state. I’m hoping the mad evacuation of the dictator (or his ultra choice) will allow them to understand how grim this situation is. I understand noobs and scrubs had a hard time with it in Super. But take away the damage boost (i’d even allow you to nerf the damage from Super), return the motion to the way it was (WAAAAAY too many situations have become dangerous for bison, and he even lost SEVERAL valuable ultra setups), and we’ll negotiate on the fucking putrid frame disadvantage you mouth raped us with.

You already fucked with our scissor kicks and boot to the fucking dome. Wasn’t that enough already? Pull your dicks out of our collective asses, and wipe up the blood. MERCY!!

SoV-Do you really want me to main Yun THAT BADLY?-i3t




lol Sorry, charge Ultra 2 is better for Fireball characters IMO. It’s slightly randomly nerfs non-fireball character match ups cuz you can’t punish a few things on whiff but still good. Just down/back and chill.

I’m NOT in on this. :stuck_out_tongue:


a few things on whiff? Bullshit.

How about quick focus dash ultra scenario’s? A staple of the Guile matchup. Or lame ass empty jump into fake throw into ultra. If I wanted to hold down/back I would use U1.

Oh wait, I am. This is the single greatest travesty to humanity since AIDS


I don’t know man, I’ve never see focus dashing past stuff to Ultra 2 before. That’s gotta be the most obscure and random way to land it.

If we’re taking about consistency, I’m going to stick with charging for now because people don’t throw fireballs anymore and I can still safely build meter. I don’t wanna play guessing games when I have the advantage and need meter.

When have you ever gotten enough time to punish something with Ultra 2 off an empty jump? Are we playing the same game yo?


I’ve done all sorts of weird ultra setups, depending on what my opponent does. The important factor was that I could throw it out with the fastness. I’m not kidding, Bison is dead to me now. FFS, he was better in Vanilla, and that isn’t saying much.


Cool, have fun with some other character who most likely also got nerfed to shit in AE.

Or the twins.


Yoo with the change in motion i have only been able to hit PP from jp 2mp only once since i got AE. The move either comes out and doesnt hit or i get a teleport. Anybody else having trouble with this?


It still works.

To avoid getting teleport what I do to make sure I get ultra 2 is instead of warp is when I input the final forward plus the 3 buttons, I forward ** + up (diagonal )** and it will work 100% of the time and I never get warp. Try it.


…Is this for real? Eff it, i’ll bite anyways. Sure having U2 go to a charge motion is a definite nerf I will agree there. However Bison is still a great character. Somebody throws a fireball at you, focus attack and use that fast dash to go right through it. Is there any fireball character that has footsies anywhere nears as good as Bison? No. The answer is a resounding no. If having that ultra on a double qcf was that important to your game then you were not playing the character right.


no, it’s about having fun with the character. I just don’t have fun with Bison now :frowning: And that ultra is why.


no, it’s about having fun with the character. I just don’t have fun with Bison now :frowning: And that ultra is why.




Meh I just figure its Vanilla and I don’t have an Ultra. Then again landing j.mp x2 is so rare in most matchups that it usually surprises me and I mess up the ultra opportunity anyways. So focus crumple is just about the only way barring someone getting too predictable.

Good thing for me I don’t really need the ultra.


i’ve alwatys used U1 anyways lol. no one smart will throw an anticipated fireball once you have U2 loaded up. and using gimmicks to land ultras isn’t gonna work at high level anyways.

anyone that knows my bison, knows i am not down back. i am offensive. and i still can use U1 well. it doesn’t bother me as much as it should i guess.


wtf… and I thought I’ve been landing this Ultra more in AE than in Super

at least I can buffer U2 without getting rid of EX Psycho or EX Scissors… Full defensive mode
seriously… just leave the character… it’s not that relevant


Yeah, charge motion is overall better because charge retainment.


The only thing that annoys me about U2 is the start-up. Chuns, Dudleys and Adons are all super fast and really easy to punish fireballs with. Ours requires far better reactions.


My problem is just the nerfed recovery

I haven’t spent much time looking through the combo thread but it doesn’t seem there are many ultra setups so having an Ultra you could throw out at random and be semi safe was cool


nerfed recovery? stop doing random ultras