A picture is worth a thousand WTFS

Danonino asked if there was a funny pictures thread, to my knowledge there is not so I decided to make one.

Try and keep from posting full large screenshots, clip out the extra stuff if needed.

Dudley suddenly realizes he left the stove on.

Wowza, that is the funniest shit i have seen all week. Awesome thread, good job.

Dat Hitbox.


Dat ass.


That’s exactly the look I’ma have the next time somebody shows me Blue waffle or something gross on their cell phone…punches the arm thats holding the phone


What the two Alts should have been: Moustache, No eyepatch, no Scar, Greying hair, name change:

This is still my favorite…originally from IPW…I don’t remember where I found the caption version…


That Cody one’s ace

Not SF but still damn funny!

My all time favorite gif. :slight_smile:

OUCH… Or would that be MakotOUCH… or even the MakoTOUCH :eek:

[SPOILER= Tanden Renki]

The second one I had Tanden Renki activated :smiley:

Noticed it during a game where I landed Ultra twice… had to go to the replay and freeze to make sure, but yep… she gets that hand down there.

Edit: colour seems messed up on the second one and theres scan lines :frowning: oh well

Hahahahaha, that Makoto one is classic, superb stuff. May as well put this up here, might be one of those threads that lasts for liek 50 pages which is good for a random laugh at work. Whoever made the flowchart was great. It’s better than i would’ve expected.

Nasty girl

The thing is it actually looks ridiculous and edited but its not, her hand actually bends and gets right in there for the entire first hit. I was going to check and see what other characters it looked funny on, but I cant be doing that kind of stuff at my age… … … … (loads up SFIV)


someone made this in da dudley forum i thot it was funny.

its the best ssf4 shirt ive seen.


EDIT: some of these have shrunk and i don’t know why.

Those facebook ones were funny haha

I win.


I remember the first time I saw the Sakura “elbow” pic lol. Now it’s the only thing I see when I look at her portrait. I can never go back:(

How do you guys take such clear shots? i would like to be able to do this too!