A place to buy Sanwa or Seimitsu parts in Osaka or Tokyo, Japan?

A friend of mine is visiting Osaka, Japan next week. Does anyone know of any normal store in Osaka that sells Sanwa and / or Seimitsu parts (normal as in not online store but one that you can walk into :)?

If such store exists in Osaka, I would save a fortune because I wouldn’t have to pay customs and shipping costs to Finland (which is the case if I order the parts here).

Thank you in advance if anyone can help me with this!

EDIT: my friend will be in Tokyo for two days. So if anyone knows this kind of stores in Tokyo, please share your information, thanks!

I don’t know of any stores in Osaka, but there is Gremlin Solutions in the UK (http://www.gremlinsolutions.co.uk), which is where I order my buttons and sticks from. I guess you might still get hit with a customs charge, but I’m not sure. On the Royal Mail website, it says parcels from EU are exempt from customs charges but, thats EU > UK, is it not the same for Finland?

Anyways, sorry it’s not the answer you were looking for, but incase nothing else turns up, hth.

We can ship to you if you want (we ship from Tokyo). Shipping should be pretty cheap ^_^.

If you said Tokyo you’d probably find one just by browsing certain areas.

If you have any luck inform us of what you bought and how much it was. I would reccomend Akihabara if you can’t find anything :slight_smile:

If they are anywhere they’ll be in Nippombashi (Den Den Town) - it’s like Akihabara except there are fewer otaku roaming about. To get there just take the subway to Namba station and head towards the Namba City exit. Den Den Town starts behind and to the left of Takashimaya department store (as you look at it head on), past Muji and Tower Records. I wish I could give you better directions but if you ask someone on the street they’ll be able to tell you.

I am currently in talks with Akihabarashop about shipping to Japan, but they are very busy atm and I am having a bit of trouble with Paypal (just registered and it takes a couple of days before my credit card is verified or something).

Thus I’d like to ask if you could specify, where in Tokyo these places might be? My friend will spend two days in Tokyo so he could visit those places too if my purchase with Akihabarashop fails for some reason. Thanks!

there was a thread a year ago about it, tried looking but searching is disabled :frowning:

Luckily Google search still works! I did a search with: **tokyo sanwa seimitsu site:shoryuken.com ** and got several interesting threads. Thanks for the tip!

Anyway, I am still interested in more up to date information about places that sell these parts, if anyone knows, please share your information! :slight_smile:

Look for “PCB shop” on this map: http://www.gamengai.com/akimap.php

If you look around Akihabara district, you’re bound to find a shop that sells arcade stuff. I was there a few years ago and there were many little one-man shops down alleyways and such selling electronics and stuff like that.

I vaguely remember people selling arcade stuff, but at the time I was more focussed on finding Neogeo consoles and carts. :wgrin:

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