A poem I wrote


OK, so i worked pretty fast on this poem…but it still came out good. Imagine taking time now? "Ok, getting to the point. I wrote this poem, and i wanted you guys to read and tell me what you thought while reading ti and if you liked it or not! On a scale of 1-10, how good was it? Im 15 btw. This may sound sick and twisted just so u know…This poem is based on a man and a child. (15 like me, lol)

Here it goes:
I got a hand on your weapon
I got a hand on your soul
Now that i got both hands on you, im in total control

Your body on a table locked up by every chain
I can see the fear running through every vein
My craving is rising I need to see you in pain
What you’re about to experience is surely insand

I sharpen my dagger and watch your eyes grow wider
After you’re all cut up, I’ll pour some apple cider
Laying to dagger on your flat chest so vulnerable
Oh dont under estimate my wills i am of all capable

My hand covers your mouth as to muffle your screams
Im about to start my conquest, I’ll even take it to extremes
Sliding the dagger across your bare pale chest
Your body shudders and shivers stimulating your manifest
Your Blood seeping out and onto my arms
Oh this is beautiful! Better than a million charms

I love this moment, I hear those screams of agony
They rip, tear, and sink right into me
Slowly looking into your eyes and seek the sorrow they contain
Oh how much pleasure and happiness from this I obtain
Tears from you child are flooding endlessly
I give you and evil glare and look on ominousley

Hush little child dont say a word
Just the screams I crave that sound absurd

You dont know me but i know you
I stalked you december and january too
Starring down on you, looking so helpless
I laugh, you can’t do a thing as i rob your innocence

Can’t scream anymore your throat is sore
I close the doors behind me until the next morn
I hope your cuts heal cuz i will cut you more

So what do you guyz think? Thanks for taking the time to read this!