A poem : "Nocturne Dojo"

Nocturne Dojo

It was a cold foggy night as the moonlight lit the stage,
On a modest little dojo; the wooden floor tells its age.
There stood two shadows across from each other,
Preparing to do battle even though they’re like brothers.

One was dressed in red with yellow hair like the sand,
While the other in white, tightens his red headband.
Then an ominous voice said "Round 1, Fight!"
Both fighters leapt forward as if they’re in flight.

Ken grabbed Ryu as they tumbled toward the floor,
Ken didn’t stop there; he rolled more and more.
He finally released Ryu with a snap from his joints,
He crashed through some signs; Ken earned bonus points.

Ryu got up and noticed his bruise,
He said ?You Mutha-sukka!? and the battle ensues.
He dashed in close, crouched down and got busy,
He started kicking Ken?s foot until he got dizzy.

?What the hell was that?? Ken said ?Stop cheesing, you Bastard!?
He swayed back and forth before the Shotokan master.
Ryu didn?t want to finish him with just a simple throw,
He?d rather do a combo with 10 hits in a row.

He jumped over Ken and kicked him with his butt,
Then turned around; placed two jabs to the gut.
A low forward followed and from out of the blue,
He did a Tatsumaki Senpukyaku.

Ken was overwhelmed as the pummeling got worse,
He yelled out in agony ?Oh God, this shit hurts!?
After multiple head-kicks Ken loses his lunch,
Then Ryu finished with a fierce Dragon Punch.

The worst kind of luck would befall on poor Ken,
He said ?Oh what the fuck?! I?m dizzy again!?
Ryu stood there with fists clenched in rage,
It?s time to unleash his level 3 gauge.

With hands placed together he shifted his weight back,
In preparation for his final attack.
?Shinku Hadoken!? He exclaimed with a shout,
A large ball of energy from his hands it came out.

The fireball grew and increased in velocity,
It slammed into Ken with so much ferocity.
Then came a flash caused by the explosion,
Ken?s cries of pain echoed as he fell in slow motion.

?I can?t feel my legs.? Said Ken as he moaned,
There?s nothing he can do ?cause he just got pwned.

-C. Orino

this is delicious.