A possible way to dual mod a hori fighting edge?


I’ve asked around and searched around, and came to the conclusion that the only way to dual mod a FE is to forfeit the touch panel; however, i thought of something else and was wondering if anyone can confirm if my idea is possible to achieve in order to dual mod the FE and to also keep the touch panel.

the plan:
i have two FE. one for 360 and one for ps3. would if work if i was able to take either the ps3 or xbox 360 PCB daisy chain it together with a IMP pcb board? please let me know what you guys think. would the touch panel still work?


Shouldn’t the touch panel still work for the native system? If you’re doing what I would call a “parallel install” (meaning you leave the original cord intact for the native console and run a separate line for the added PCB), I don’t see how you would disable it.


well yes. you are correct (at least i believe that you are). the issue is, when using a non FE pcb, another other way to dual mod the FE requires physical start and select buttons. i think by modding by pcbs from FE, it would eliminate the need to add buttons while keeping the touch panel and functions of the FE.


Didn’t realize there were no start/select buttons on the FE. Personally, I’d rather add a couple buttons than sacrifice a perfectly good FE (which seems to be in high demand now) and risk both damaging both boards. I’m sure there is a way you can do it, but it would probably be in your best bet to talk to someone like Gummo first.


do you know how i would be able to contact gummo?


He has a modding service thread in the trading post here, that’s probably the best way. He does tech support for focus attack also, but this isn’t really related to their business.




No one should say that a dual mod on anything is impossible but you have to weigh the benefits versus the risks and what you will potentially lose.
IF you have both versions of the FE, you’re covered system-wise. The only reason I could think you’d want to scavenge a PCB board is to save space and not lug 2 joysticks between tournaments if you’re flying by plane.
To my knowledge, no one’s been able to dual-mod the FE and keep all the functions – LED, home buttons, etc., etc. To my way of thinking, risking an excellent limited edition joystick UNLESS you find a good modder/electrician who knows what he’s doing is not worth it…
Gummo’s honest and will tell you what’s doable and reasonable.

The FE itself is a more limited edition production joystick like the Hori HRAP VLX joysticks were. The difference is that the VLX joysticks used the same basic PCB as the regular HRAP’s so it wasn’t that difficult to do mods or create add-on PCB’s for the (360 version of) VLX that gave it multi-console capabilities. Nothing from the original 360 VLX joystick or another joystick was sacrificed with that add-on PCB Toodles created for the 360 VLX. (The add-on PCB itself was a limited edition item and was available for maybe the better part of a year before Toodles discontinued it… There weren’t that many VLX joysticks made.)


its exactly why i want to dual mod a fe. to not carry both of them around.


I was originally gonna do the same idea with my Hori SCV stick, but as I traced out the pcb’s the daughter board where the home button, start/select etc, were completely different internally… So I gave up on the idea and just pad hacked one and put chimp on the other…

I say trace out the pcb’s specially where the touch panel is and see if you see a similarity between the two…


humm… it don’t think it contains a daughter board. just one board and wires?