A prelude to madness: SRK Battle Poll VIII Intro Thread

OK, so this is the place where you guys can post an introduction to our team, their motives, their personalities, whatever. You should also try to post something about them so that the general public can acknowledge who they are (believe me, obscure characters can and WILL have a hard time against the more popular ones, even moreso is nothing is really known about them).

I will elaborte further on the general back story IF the whole characters’ skill list and group formation lets me do so.

Hollywood, California
11:37 am

A tall, lanky figure stands before a beautifully decorated metal gate, complete with lion heads embedded into the gold-covered bars, at a very luxorious (yet quite secretive) residential area in upper Hollywood. The shody large figure fixes his ragged black trenchcoat, complete with a hoodie, as the speaker suddenly blurs from the wall on the left.

Youre 37 minutes late.

The dark character shrugs his hands in a sign of a nervous breakdown, UhhhhyeeeaaaahI sorta got caught up in traffic.

Yet you do not have a car, so I fail to see why that piece of information might be relevant.

The somber man shakes his fists at the speaker, seeming somewhat delusional, You dont have to rub it in my face! I had to impound my own Ferrari to pay my bills! Its tough living without water for 4 months and having to go to the community pool for a quick bath! The things that float in thereit sends a chill up my spine just thinking about it!

Yeah, yeah, this isnt a casting for a reality show, ya know? Why dont you just come in and let us be?

The gate slowly opens with surprisingly very little sound, but with just a slight buzzing noise that makes the narrow-shaped persona look in astonishment, So.THIS is Hollywood?! Sure beats the apartment complex where I used to live in. Starting by the freshly cut grass! I bet a dozen Mexicans do a great job on this every week!

An unpleasant voice can be heard from over a grass hill, Chinga tu madre, cabron!

After about 20 minutes, the long individual literally drags his sorry carcass into a small garden, surrounded by precious flowers and nicely-trimmed hedges, where several men gather around a table in the center of a marble plaza, all of which wear brown robes and hoods that cover their whole heads. Torches are lit on opposite sides of the plaza, despite the fact that it was already noon. As the man in black almost slumps just mere feet away from the gathering table, the figure in robes standing at the middle nods before the presence of the shady one.

So nice to have your presence here.Mr. Lantis!

The man who had dressed in the obscure garments finally drags them off, his face beat red, and almost his whole body drenched in sweat, breathes heavily as he throws his ragged coat to the floor, You.you BASTARDS! You know how long it took me to walk up here?!? Why must you bigwig fucks always build your houses so damn BIG??! I bet you dont even get to walk even half of it! Whats the POINT?!

The point is, Mr. Lantis, that our tour guide service had actually parted at 11:30, so they had to leave you behind. Sorry you couldnt join the ride.

Lantis cleans himself off and wipes the sweat off his brow, Whatever. I do believe its too hot and bright for you old-timers to be wearing such heavy garments? Whats this whole mystic deal anyway? You Hollywood bigots sure do like the whole flair and pizzaz, eh?

The hooded figures look at each other absently, and one of them lowers down his hood to reveal a frown on his face, and it happens to be none other than actor-turned-director Clint Eastwood! He speaks in his usual raspy, low-tone voice, Look here, punk. You are in NO position to tell us what to do, OK? Youre already in dire shape as it is to be cracking sarcastic remarks. So tell me…do you feel lucky…?

Yeah, I feel like a million bucks.which I could very much need right now. Im begging of you guys! The economy is just KILLING me at the moment!! This whole recession thingy, prices getting so damn steep, no one wants to sponsor anymoreand the Heaven Clash tournament is right around the corner! And it doesnt take my pocket change to host one of those things, believe you me!

Ridley Scott also reveals himself to Lantis, smirking sarcastically, We know, Mr. Lantis. That is why we summoned for you herefor you to discuss the rights to the Heaven Clash tournament

Come again?

Christopher Nolan removes his hood in subsecuent order, Yes, you see. Your creation hosts all sorts of strange and wonderful characters from all walks of life. Imagine putting THOSE names together on the marquee! Even my Dark Knight would pale in the box office compared to that constellation of stars!

Lantis scratches the back of his head, Yeeaaahh.butI dunnoHollywood is well known to fuck up franchises pretty bad.and Heaven Clash has been BS free for quite some time nowwhat guarantees me that you will keep it that way?

George Lucas smiles his giddly smile as he strokes his grey beard, You never know whats gonna happen tomorrowwhat we CAN guarantee you, is the big bucks! Merchandise, DVD sales, promotionsyou name it! Well make the Heaven Clash tournament bigger than the Super Bowl, the Olympics, and the Stanley Cup!

Lantis looks down, Even the curling championships get more ratings than the Stanley Cup these days.

Finally, Steven Spielberg reveals himself as the headmaster of the session, fixing his glasses and grinning, So, Mr. Lantis, what is it gonna be? We are offering the chance of perpetuating your lifes work in our grubby.er, productive hands!

Lantis rubs his chin for a nice 3 minutes, and informs his decision.

After about 30 minutes later, Lantis finally stumbles his way out of the gates, having to walk all his way back again. Weakily reaching for the cell phone in his pocket, he starts dialing a number, but after he puts the phone up to his ear, he realizes by the recording that his credit is now out. He limps over to the nearest pay phone, and inserts all the pennies he has managed to muster throughout the day. He waits for the call to enter, and once somebody picks up on the other line, his dim face finally lights up.

Yeah, weve finally done it! It seems they took the bait.Hollywood would take ANYTHING for a cheap buck… Huh. Yeah, its all going as planned. Yes, they thought I was hopeless, but soon we shall reveal ourselves to them! And THEN, our ambition will be fulfilled. Yes, I understand. Good bye.Mr. President.

Lantis looks baffled after hearing a voice at the other side, Ohyeahyoure not the president.yeah, I know you wouldnt be the president of a Beyblade club even if you tried. Cut me some slack, sheesh!

After about 10 minutes of bickering, Lantis hangs up and looks at the sunny sky above him. He knows he has a long way to goand he no longer has enough change for the bus.

Oh well.I needed the exercise anyway.

This post reserved.



The Spot
Location Unknown
11:30 PM

Me and my brother J were in the backroom counting today’s profits when he saw a letter on the table.

“Who’s the letter from?” J asked me.

Lantis dropped by and gave it to me. It’s my invite to the Heaven Clash. I was supposed to gather a squad for last year’s tourney but before I could finalize it that’s when it all got fucked up.

Last year around this time, everything wasn’t Peaches and Cream. The former boss passed away and left the empire to me. And not a second after, the cops came and shut everything down. In an instant everything was wiped out. It seemed the The Boss had a lot of people following orders. And like they say “Death is a sweet release.” But since then I’ve relocated and expanded the empire 100 fold.

“So who are you selecting for your team for the tourney?” Says J.

I’ve already acquired the services of Zero. He used to do some work for The Boss back in the day. He’s a cool but cold-blooded killer. I know I can count on his services for the long haul.

Secondly I made…

“ReXXX!!! ReXXX!!! Some jackoff is out here getting a little too friendly with some of the girls.” Said one of my henchmen.

I head out there and Hinata, Ami and Rin 3 of my best money makers are being hassled by some idiot who isn’t a regular. “J. Get 'em all outta here now!! Shut it all down!! I’ll deal with this myself.” I said.

Who in the muthafuck do you think you are coming into my spot and disrespecting my girls like that?

“Name’s Travis Touchdown and I don’t really give a fuck!!” He says.

Oh, so you’re Sylvia’s boy huh? She told me that you were a tad slow on the uptake but this is beyond disrespectful. Maybe Sylvia forgot to mention who I am but if you ever get outta line again I’ll be sure to let you know.

Now Travis I’m gonna make this simple so even you understand. Here’s your ticket into the Clash. You’ll meet your teammates when you get there. Everything else is need to know.

“What do you mean by need to know?” Says Travis.

It means if I need you to know then you will. Got that genius. Now get the hell out of my establishment and outta my face before I make you part of the establishment.

I’m starting to see why Sylvia was so eager to send him down here. But nevertheless he’ll do what I need him to do and that’s win. The only problem I have now is finding a 3rd for the team. Not as soon as I finished my statement my phone rang.


“It’s nice to hear your voice again. I missed it.” Said the sweet voice on the other end.

After what happened between the 2 of us I really didn’t think you’d have the gall to make an attempt to contact me.

“I need your help. I’ve gotten into some trouble and you’re the only person I could turn to.”

The story of your life, huh Rikku. But this is the way it’s always been between us since the beginning. Where are you now?

“I’m at our special place. You haven’t become so big that you’ve forgot where you came from, right?”

I’m on my way Rikku. Don’t move.

J, you and Sam lock it down. I’m due for an important business meeting.

I hop in the car and put the pedal to the floor. As fast as the Lamborghini can take me. I make it there and I see her and I see the view of my city. Both of them beautiful and elegant in their own way.

I hop out of the car and she runs up to me with her arms wide and hugs me.

This isn’t what I came here for. I run a business where I can get that anytime. Now tell me what the hell is going on?

“There’s nothing wrong. But no one knows you like I do. There wasn’t any other way to get your attention.”

So you lie to me. Something that isn’t beneath you. Whatever point you’re trying to make I really don’t care. What we had was back then and unfortunately for you this is now. Maybe you should go talk to your cousin and her imaginary boyfriend.

“Wait. That’s not fair for you to say. I thought at some point you’d understand why I went with her. She needed me and I wanted to be there for her.”

Still doesn’t excuse that you left me alone to go with your cousin to find somebody who doesn’t even exist! As far as I’m concerned, this conversation is over.

“Please wait, ReXXX. I’ll do anything to show you that my feelings haven’t changed even for a second.”

Anything, you say. Here, take this.

“And what is this if you don’t mind my asking?”

It’s “your” invitation to the Heaven Clash tournament. It’s a little tourney that my homie Lantis hosts every year. Luckily for you my 3rd had to drop out and you’re gonna be the replacement fighter.

I could’ve asked for a lot worse of you. If you want my forgiveness, then participate. Or I could get back in my car and leave and this situation will be where it was before you called me.

“Fine. I’ll do it.”

Wonderful. All the info you need is right there. Good Luck. And watch out for your teammate, Travis. He seems a bit off.

I’ll be waiting for you when you come back. Maybe then we can talk under better pretenses. Goodbye for now, Rikku.

I now have my team of 3 complete. The Maverick Hunter, The Pussy Crazed Psycho Killer and my Ex-Girlfriend. This is going to be an interesting event for us all.

History lesson.

ROB shoots shit.
Cable shoots shit.
SkyNet send robots to shoot shit.


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Wow these are all great reads guys!

Hollywood, California
12:57 pm

Lantis makes his way through the streets as he passes by another busstop.
He just sighs as he stumbles on.

“Still no money for a bus ticket Mr. Lantis?” shouts a man lending against the busstop sign.

Lantis turns around to see who’s mocking him.
The man smirks.

“Dick Stick’em?” Lantis asks

“That’s Diek Stiekem”

“Yeah whatever… what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to lurk around in Holland?” Lantis asks

“Naw bro, it’s Heaven Clash time, space and time rules don’t apply 'cause I’ve gotta be in” replies Diek

“Somehow I knew you would… so… I already reserved your standard sponsor spot.” says Lantis with a smile.

“Excellent, that’s all I needed to know… oh and by the way… get yourself a ride man, here’s a 50” says Stiekem as he hands over a money bill and then makes why towards the street corner.

“Thanks Dick!” Lantis moods lightens up knowing his feet are gonna get some well deserved rest.
But when he takes a look at the bill “Wtf… 50 euro’s ?!”
“Ah man, that dirty dutch bastard…”

Down the deserted alley Stiekem smirks while his body is engulfed in a green mist cloud
morphing and reveals himself to be the sorcerer Shang Tsung.

Tsung makes a portal and hops in… leaving no trace of his presence…

To be continued…

Diek Stiekem’s appartment
3:37 am

Woof, woof, woof

Diek Stiekem unwillingy wakes to some unwanted noise

“Gawddamn neighbour’s dogs…” he mumbles to himself still sleepdazed “I swear… next morning I’m gonna kills those pests”

“Hmm… might as well take a leak” thinks Stiekem as he stumbles and makes his way towards the bathroom in the dark.

As he opens the door he gets whacked across the face.

“Ahhhh that hurts!” whines Stiekem

“You’ve grown weak mortal!” says a shadowy figure “It is time for you to shape up that you furfill your destiny!”

“GTFO my house you lunatic!” Stiekem lunges out at the person invading his home but is countered and put into a sleeper hold.

“You are going to tell me where “he” is… but first we’re going to make a little sidetour…”

The figure opens a shiny portal out of thin air with a gesture of his hand.

“What the hell are you talking about… I have no time for your nonsense, I need to get some damn sleep, do you have any idea what time I have to get up for work tomor… hey woaaaahhhhh!”

Diek gets cut short as he gets thrown into the portal quickly followed by the other person, after that the portal vanishes like it was never there.

To be continued…

Barcelona, Spain
Club La Terrazza
04:03 am

A club filled with people partying and drinking while as the bass booms and strobe lighting fills the interior even expanding into the roof terrace.
As some guys hopelessy try to impress the hot chica’s.

a spanish longhaired and welldressed man sits in the VIP section.
He appears extremely handsome but also extremely bored.

Sitting on a large sofa he is approached by a personal butler.
“What seems to be the problem sir? Shouldn’t you be socialising with some of the pretty girls?”

“Hpmh” he shrugs “They cannot compare to my beauty…”

The spanish matador ninja known as Vega continues to ponder

"Ever since Bison won that Heaven Clash Tournament, Shadaloo has never been the same… the ugly fool thinks he’s some kind of deity now… only to reside in some place only reachable for BP Champions…

Shadaloo used to be fun… but now there is hardly any blood to be spilled…

Such a waste of my beautiful talent!" says Vega while he strikes his own hair.

“I need something new…” he stands up and pushes the butler aside and starts gazing over the club’s dance floor.

Between the dancing people the matador spots a amazingly beautiful mediterian girl.
Showing off dance moves with style and grace.

“Such beauty… it’s not possible… it’s almost magic…”

With a gesture Vega sends out a VIP security guard to fetch the girl.

While he heads for a private room soon followed by the lady who gets dropped of by the guard.

“Welcome” says Vega as he turns around towards a luxury table and starts filling two glasses with red wine “What’s you’re name miss…?”

“Shang Tsung”

As Vega turns around he catches the woman morphing into the infamous sorceror…

“You dare play games with me magician?!” shouts Vega as he pulls out his claw

“No need for violence my friend” says Tsung with a calm voice
"I have a business proposition for you."

“What kind of business could I possible do with one as ugly as you!” replies Vega

“Heaven Clash” smirks Tsung

“You have… my attention…” answers Vega as he lowers his claw.

30 minutes later… outside La Terrazza

Diek lies sleeping on a bench.

“I told you to wait here!” says Shang Tsung now accompanied by Vega

“Stop shouting man… I was waiting… might as well get some sleep… no thanks to you” replies Stiekem with sarcasm

“Isn’t that that sponsor?” asks Vega

“Yes, Dick Stick’em”

“It’s Stiekem!”

“That’s what I said”

Diek slaps his forehead
"Ugh… at least when I sponsered 4neqs his team I didn’t have to put up with this!"

The duo glares at Stiekem

Diek shrugs “Yeah yeah I know my part… just open a portal Tsung”

To be continued…