A Prick's Technique To Win

I don’t know how to describe this, but I’ve faced at least 3 people who are using this technique…That is to move the character back and forth at lightning speed. It makes his character looks like it’s “panic”, causing the whole freaken screen to shake and dizzy people off. Not only that, this causes some lags too due to the high-speed movement of the character (just by taking one step forward and back repeatedly fast). This does not happen to me when playing with other 4 players in the room, so it should not be me lagging. One thing I realize as a result of this is that the lag somehow benefits him more. For example, I gave an upper cut and saw his character fell down already, but in a flip of a second I saw my character falling down for a sweep instead? WTF ??? Does anyone experience this in a fight before? The shaky screen and “panic” character consistently happen when I play with the following people:

****_Swift’s --> Cammy
…and their family of viruses… :annoy:

For God’s shake if they don’t wanna move forward, why the F#$% do they need to take 1 step forward then back 1 step then forward 1 step for!!!???

they’re baiting you to make a thread about it. playing online is bs, tell us something we don’t know.

Idk about the cammy, but why the hell would you fight virus, he’s pulls off tick > typhoon 100% in 300+ ping. Something ain’t right about that.

What’s your tag!!!

I play Cammy and dash back-and-forth sometimes to play mind games. What you’re mentioning is weird as heck, but very possible. Just try to avoid those players as best as you can! The ranked system is garbage as it is, I’ve been fixed on player matches for over 6 months.

its called roll back

That walking back and forth is a standard thing to do even in off-line play. It’s a way of trying to mess up your opponents spacing and bait them to risk something and be punished, or to be too defensive and get thrown. People have been doing it since WW.

The other thing you mentioned is called a roll-back and it’s common during a bad connection. If you see it happen more than twice in a match then it’s usually not worth continuing.

Celestial_Virus is a decent enough player, but he lags horribly and implodes any room he joins. I have instructed him not to enter rooms I create and he has been gracious enough to comply, so I will give him respect for that.

Kentucky? We may have a good connection, I haven’t seen you on before.

Add me, I’m on pretty much ever day sometime. Won’t be on this week til Friday though.

What city do you live in?

I’m sure “VIRUSes” are very good players with Ryu. I was just got so made about the screen shaking and the “roll back” situations, which I don’t feel happy to lose for. I mean I lose to a lot of good Ryu players like DOTA_WICKED, suken19, etc… and never have that kind of feeling after the loss. I did try to avoid him due to past experience and he messaged me “why back out from a good challenge?”. Then I gave him another try, and that “roll back” situation really hurts my game. After a second game I told him I can’t take it anymore and told him the reason (wasn’t really trying to justify why I lost) and he made fun of me and called me a LOOSER and all that crap, which immediately destroy my respect for him. I start to think whether or not he intentionally inducing this lag…cuz there’s a couple games where he used Sagat with no “roll back” problems and I beat him cleanly.

Hendersonville, I’ll be on probably tues/wed/weekends this week. School+work and no street fighter makes coth a dull boy. :expressionless:

It’s hard to tell. I don’t know if they do it purposefully, but they exploit lag and make it very hard to punish. It would easy to punish their hurricanes and SRK’s normally, but it’s become nearly impossible thanks to their jerky frame skipping. And yeah, walking back and forth is definitely normal, but lag makes it nauseating.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to say. I rarely ever miss to punish a randomly-thrown dragon punch, but with UNIVERSAL & CELESTIAL_VIRUS I cannot punish it at all !! Whenever I do a normal upper-cut while their character’s landing (from a missed DP), I would see the frames skipping and the next thing I see is my character falling down from a sweep or another DP. :tdown:

U-virus and C-virus are the same. Check the PSN section, you’ll love the hate messages he sends out to a lot of reputable players here.

For the third time, what’s your tag?!



Ahhh, I do remember playing you at least once, send me a FR, and we can get some matches in sometime.

School comes first though. :sad: