A Progression as Inevitable as Death :: Phoenix Combo Thread

Let’s pin up our discoveries here.

Please do list the damage, if the combos are midscreen or corner only, the OTG move used if any, and if Assists are used or not.


]:f:+:m: - :h: TK Overdrive - :l: - :l: - :m: TK Overdrive - j:m: - j:d:+:h: - delay - :h: - :s: - j:m: - j:m: - j:h: - air :l: TK Shot (OTG) - Phoenix Rage (455,800 damage - 1 meter)
[]:d:+:m: - :d:+:h: - :s: - jc - j:m: - j:h: - fly - j:l: - j:l: - j :m: - j:h: - Phoenix Rage (470,600 damage - 1 meter)
]:d:+:l: - :m: - :d:+:m: - :s: - jc - j:m: - j:m: - j:h: - j:d:+:h: - delay - :s: - jc - j:m: - j:m: - j:h: - j:s: - air :m: TK Shot (OTG) - Phoenix Rage (480,300 damage - 1 meter)[/LIST][/LIST]
]:m: - :h: - :f:+:h: - :s: - jc - j:m: - j:m: - j:h: - j:f:+:h: - fly - j:l: - j:m: - j:h: - air :l: TK Shot (OTG) - Phoenix Rage (520,200 damage - 1 meter)

I’ll add the rest ASAP - keep up with the good work, fellas. <3

Reserved #2

Reserved #3 (the last one)

Phoenix ANYWHERE on the screen against ANY character:
2L > M > 2M > S > jc > j.M > j.M > j.H > j.2H > delay > S > jc > j.M > j.M > j.H > j.S > land > 2369M > Super = 480,300 damage for ONE bar. No Xfactor.

This combo would outright kill Phoenix halfway through the super. lol.
It works anywhere on the screen, however, you have to IMMEDIATELY start the j.M’s in order to get above the opponent and land the j.2H.
For the delay, the opponent WILL bounce. To continue the combo, wait until they are descending from the bounce before relaunching them.
You can end the combo here by waiting for them to land after the bounce, and then OTG into Super, but you’re sacrificing a lot of damage for it and still using the bar.
If you are in a corner, you can go 2L > M > 2M > H > 6H > 623L > L > M > S (combo) for 475,900 damage and a lot more flair.
Now, obviously, instead of ending the air combo before the OTG, you can do an air team combo for a few more hits and a tiny bit more damage, but your opponent has the ability to break that, so you don’t really wanna get too greedy.

Normal Phoenix:

~ represents the end of a specific combo “starter”.

(Corner or Mid-screen) c.:l:, c.:m:, c.:h:, :f::h:~, :s:, j.:h:, j.:f::h:, j.:d::h:, :qcb::l: (wait until the opponent is a little closer to the ground to make the next input easier to connect), :f::h:, :s:, j.:h:, :f::h:, :qcf::l: xx Phoenix Rage - 579,500 damage, 1 bar, no XFC, no assist. (Can start with standing ground string (578,400) or :f::m: overhead (618,500), crouching ground string doesn’t hit Amaterasu in the corner nor mid-screen.)

To hit Amaterasu (or V. Joe and Arthur) with crouch string, do c.:l:, c.:m:, s.:h:~ instead (584,600, corner only for Amaterasu).

:f::m:, s.:h:, :f::h:~ starter does 621,100. (Must do :f::m:, :s: immediately on Arthur or V. Joe because s.:h: or :f::h: will whiff when they are hit by the overhead = 618,500 damage on these shorties).

c.:m:, :f::h:, :s:~ starter does 623,400. (Listed this because c.:m: is a sick normal. Don’t know how safe this is but it moves her across at least half screen and is a low that can go into her :f::m: overhead).

(Corner after C teleport shenanigans, catches crouching) j.:h:, j.:d::h:, :h:, :f::h:~, :s:, j.:h:, j.:f::h:, j.:d::h:, :qcb::l: (wait until opponent is closer to the ground), :f::h:, :s:, j.:h:, :f::h:, :qcf::l: xx Phoenix Rage - 641,100 damage, 1 bar, no XFC, no assist. (Might be possible off mid-screen? Will check later. Does not work on Arthur or V.Joe but can be remedied by changing the starter to j.:h:, j.:d::h:, c.:m:, s.:h:, :f::h:~ for 621,800.)

Just noticed this thread, and am reposting my combos from the general thread here. I’ll hopefully add more tomorrow!

For a BnB combo, I’ve been using:

:m::f:+:h::dp::l: :l::m::dp::m:(air):h::d:+:h:(land):s: sj. :m::m::h::qcf::l::qcf::atk::atk:

455,800 damage, one meter. Works from two flame charges from corner – they need to be cornered after the :dp::m: in order for the :d:+:h: to connect after the “extra” :h:. I feel like it should work from anywhere but I can’t make the :d:+:h: come out quick enough without adding the extra hit (which necessitates the corner). I’m reaching the limits of hitstun decay at the spike kick – help here in extending this would be welcome.

There’s some better stuff (see the above post) but I wanted a simple no-teleport, no-trap combo that anyone can do reliably.

Dark Phoenix can’t follow :dp::m: as easily (because of all the extra hits knocking my Cap dummy around) so I just throw more stuff up front:

:m::d:+:m::h::d:+:h::f:+:h::dp::l:, :l::m::h::s: sj. :m::m::h::qcf:+:l::qcf:+:atk::atk:

888,000 with 1 meter and no X-Factor. With Level 3 X-Factor, that’s 2,407,700 – enough to kill most characters twice over. Cheers!

Flight combos. Edit* with Normal Phoenix.

(corner only) :m:,:h:,:f:+:h:,:s:, jump, air:m:,:m:,:h:,:f:+:h:, flight, :l:,:m:,:h:,:qcf:+:l:, Phoenix Inferno
Damage: 520,200 (done on Chris)

(anywhere) :d:+:m:,:d:+:h:,:s:, jump, air:m:,:h:, flight, :l:,:l:,:m:,:h:, Phoenix Inferno
Damage: 470,600

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

Flight combos are VERY possible. The trick is getting that air :l: or :m: to come out fast enough. I can’t do it all that consistently… yet.

I knew flight combos existed…lol. Thanks swordsman, ima fool around with flight when I gets home ~

Not really a combo:

(Corner) Forward throw, TK QCF+B xx Phoenix Rage - 387,300 or 389,700 if done a little farther from the corner. 584,300 or 602,000 with level 3 XF.

What have you guys been doing to end your combos without super? I’ve just been ending my air combos with the OTG TK TK Shot and…that’s it. Feels kinda odd. I’m beginning to think I should be setting up TK Traps or throwing out a homing TK Shot or something during that time.

Dark Phoenix Flight combo:

(Corner only) :m:,:h:,:f:+:h:, :m:TK Overdrive, air :h:,:f:+:h:, Flight, air :l:,:m:,:h:,:qcf:+:l:, Phoenix Inferno

Damage: 760,200
Done on Sentinel

(Corner only) :m:,:h:,:f:+:h:,:s:, jump, air :m:,:m:,:h:,:f:+:h:, Flight, air :l:,:m:,:h:,:qcf:+:l:, Phoenix Inferno

Damage: 830,300
Done on Senitnel

(done anywhere) :d:+:m:,:h:,:f:+:h:,:s:, jump, air :m:,:m:,:h:,:f:+:h:, Flight, air :l:,:m:,:qcf:+:l:, Phoenix Inferno

Damage: 790,500
Done on Sentinel

On all the combos above, you may have to delay the :s: after the :f:+:h: because the burning feathers might keep your opponent on the ground when you try to launch.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

I’ve been trying to combo :s:, jump, air :m:,:m:,:h:,:f:+:h:, Flight, air :l:,:m:,:s: land, air :qcf:+:l: Phoenix Inferno as Dark Phoenix, but they get pushed back too far and the TK shot doesn’t seem to reach enough to combo.

If for some reason I either freeze after the OTG or I don’t actually GO for the OTG, I’ll do something stupid like jump around or switch out. I need to start using the Overdrive outside of combos and Traps in general. I guess one thing that could be done is setting a close Ground Trap and backdashing to set an Air Trap. Especially if they’re in a corner. You should get free pressure off of that, since if they walk, they get hit and if they jump, they get hit.

is it said to be impossible to do flight combos without being DPh? im just wondering what i can or shouldnt bother messing with lol… and by the way what does storm have to bring to the table on the side of phoenix and sent… chip? or is she just a great over all character to use … cause at the moment like i said im using wesk/sent/phoenix …i know that storm has some things that look really good that may revolve more around setting up phoenix to come out at a good time or does wesker do the job as also?..thoughts?

Should i add some of my stuff here or do you have the details of my combos?

I dunno… I thought her combos would do more damage with meter… midscreen on 400k range is kinda meh :c (I need get into the lab with her, but I’m away from my PS3 for now).

If you don’t mind, please add all of your stuff here - then I’ll put them on the OP.

Thanks again, Frog :3

Just checking: is really a :f:+:h: after the j:h:? Right after the move, its her normal or air TK Shot (the one which causes OTG)? - I can’t check by myself for now - I just need confirm these infos before putting the combo into the OP.

Thx <3

Whoever “said it to be impossible” is full of shit. I already posted flight combos with normal jean. The ones you quoted were DPh but the other ones I posted weren’t. I’ll edit it just so there’s no confusion.

Take it to the other thread man. This thread is for combos.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

I can’t find that friggin combo into Healing Field. I wanna test to see if I can make it into a flight combo.

The meat of the combo is :dp::m::d:+:h::qcb:+:atk::atk:, :s: (launch) aircombo into your flight ending – should work. Just slide the Healing Field after the stomp – will only work if done as part of a short combo though, otherwise hitstun decay won’t allow for the extra move to be inserted.

As i only get marvel like 2hours ago im still trying to get it down, but his combo seems to work as written, although i havent quite got the last fireball in, it should defiantly work. Without the last fireball it did 568k for me. Seems like a pretty beastly combo

Also these combos are realistic XFactor combos include being juggled.

Please Tell me if I have made a mistake will continue to edit this post with my findings.

Jump :hp: :d: :hp:, Stand :lp: , Stand :mp:, Stand :hp: :qcb: TK trap :lp:, Stand :hp: :qcb: TK trap :mp:, Await Juggling time :mp:, :hp:, Launcher, Air :mp:, Air :hp:, Air Special, Tiger Knee :qcf: TK shot :lp: , :qcf: :hp: & :lp: Phoenix Rage.

Dark Phoenix Corner Combo works on Anyone - Though performed on Captain America.


Total Damage 1,036,300

Jump :hp: :d: :hp:, Crouch :lp:, Crouch :mp:, Crouch :hp:, :f: :hp: Flame Sword, Launcher, Air :mp:, Air :mp:, Air :f: :hp: Flame Sword, Air :hp:, Air :qcf: :lp: TK Shot, :qcf: :lp: & :mp: Phoenix Rage.

Mid Screen Phoenix BNB Cross up set-up.


Can be performed on any hit box - Was performed on Captain America.

Total Damage 526,500

Jump :hp: :d: :hp:, Stand :lp:, Stand :mp:, Stand :hp:, Launcher, Air :mp:, Air :mp:, Air :hp:, :f: :hp: Flame Sword, :hp:, :d: :hp:, Air :rdp: :lp: TK Teleport, :qcf: :lp: TK shot, :qcf: :hp: & :mp: Phoenix Rage, XFactor Cancel, Launch, Air :hp:, :qcf: :lp: TK shot, :qcf: :hp: & :mp: Phoenix Rage.

Mid-Screen Or Corner Combo Bnb Phoenix XFactor Combo.


Can be performed anyone still testing - Though performed on Captain America

Total Damage 901,700

More Stuff Later Ill Transcript Some of my old stuff!

Yup, that should be correct. It’s her normal called “Flare Sword” that moves her forward followed by a quick air A TK Fireball to super.

Here’s a video I made with the BnB I posted (along with Trish and Morrigan stuff):