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I’ve heard a number of complaints regarding Evo World Finals being held in Vegas again this year. Even though I’m from Vegas (convenient, right?), I can see how this is unfair to east coast players. The cost of a hotel room is pretty high here. Factor in rapidly increasing costs of plane tickets, and many east coasters are priced out of attendance. This gives a natural financial advantage to west coast players.

So, how about this: use the 5 on 5 EC vs. WC tourney to decide if Evo World 2009 is held on the east coast or west coast. Simple as that. EC wins, the tourney is held somewhere in the Northeast. WC wins, it’s held somewhere in CA (yes, there’s going to be fights about Norcal vs. Socal, but I am sure both can agree that either is better than on the east coast).

This would add a tremendous amount of hype to this side match, which could be played on the big screen on Friday or Saturday night after the qualifiers. The crowd would be wild for this match, as just about everyone has a very significant stake in it. Participants from the losing side are marked with the shame that their fellow players now have to travel across the country next year to World. Imagine the pressure!


this idea is great but the decision shouldn’t be based on tournament results; that would cause MAJOR drama.

also i agree with you about prices for air fair and hotel costs. it would cost me $200 to fly from frisco to vegas. and thats the reason why i cant go =’(

very bad idea, and to the guy from sf you really can’t find someone thats gonna drive or greyhound it down?

all of the evo staff is based in wc so theres already that, marvel deciding for all of evo is dumb, wc is having enough trouble deciding on a team who wants that deciding where evo is.

I vote bad idea becasue 50% of the reason I go to evo is to go to Vegas.

Eh, that’s a good point about it giving Marvel too much influence, I hadn’t thought about that. I wonder about the notion of the same concept but with multiple games, not just Marvel…

And yes, this would create a lot of drama and pressure on the players from each side, that’s the point. Still, I can see the issues with it. Oh well, it was just an idea, no biggie.

think of it this way, what if it were a 5 on 5 Canda vs NW vs MW vs SE vs WC vs EC in GG? WW would likely clean that up, but lets forget about the midwest and just stick with the two overrated coasts.

Not to mention 1 game to decide this (especially marvel of all games) really isn’t right.

Come to think of it, this is just another “You should make it closer to my place so it doesn’t cost me so much to go”.

Except the guy who came up with the idea is from… Vegas.

Niggas can’t read, I swear…

I suggest having an ECC tournament in cali next year so it’s easier for people to attend.

:rofl: Close thread.

I meant the responses more or less.

evo/B series has always been a WC national. EC always had ECC(not this year), midwest has MWC, and the south has final round. its just the fact that B5 got so damn large and just became what it is now. you get rid of evo, then WC doesnt really have much of a major and you take away the one that was ours to begin with.

i know vegas rooms aint cheap(thats why you room with 6+ dudes to help cheapen it up), but vegas is super fun when not playing tourney, theres so much to do outside of tourney room, and if you bring a spouse, gf, family or whatever taht arent really into this stuff, now they got something they can do as well… ticket prices are getting crazy with all the airline federal inspection fiasco, but you move it coasts, and its still the exact same problem, except its the other half of players paying tickets.

vote BAD btw

…as long as there will be an EVO West and it will be held in NY.

I’ll be honest, I can’t afford to travel.

To address the topic, I agree that the Finals should be held somewhere else, but the decision shouldn’t be just based on how some people do in a game.

Surprised Wiz hasn’t made the annual “Evo in Denver” cocktease yet…

evo is a national tournament and not a west coast one though :<

see, if people were bitching about west toast or FFA ranbats or something…

but oh well, you’re FMJ, can’t be helped.

horrible idea hahahah.

Also factor in all the players that come from other countries. Sure its somewhat expensive to go to evo for some people. But the ones that come from lets say…Brazil, Japan, Germany, England, Italy, etc. They are the ones that have to really plan ahead and pay a pretty penny. Plus, on a side note, vegas is a great location to go to a tourney, and then get plastered afterwards(maybe during :rolleyes:).

worst idea ever
worst post ever
deserves to be closed and deleted
do you post 1st then think?

If evo wasnt in vegas I wouldnt be able to go