A proposal to tackle the complaints revolving counter-picking in fighting games


Issue: Is counter-picking fair?

Yes: The idea that a player can change character during a tournament rewards players who pick up more than 1 character.

No: It can be extremely frustrating against specialists (players who sticks to mainly 1 character, only to run into bad luck and face someone who counter-picks.

So, the problem is that removing counter-picking (disallowing character change during a tournament) penalises players who learn more than 1 character, and doing otherwise penalises specialists.


  1. Players are requested to register with either 1 or 3 characters at the start of the tournament. Players are only allowed to use these characters registered.

2.Whenever a player (P1) is going to play against an opponent who has picked 3 characters (P2), P1 may request to remove one character from that opponent. That is, P2 may only choose from the remaining 2 characters to play against P1.

  1. Possible scenario:

I. a player with 1 character registered playing against another player with 1 character registered.

Game carries out as per normal – both players cannot change character and can’t counter-pick. Too bad if anyone got into a bad match-up.

II. a player with 1 character registered playing against another player with 3 character registered.

The ‘specialist’, knowing the 3 characters his opponent has registered, is allowed to remove the character that poses the worst match-up against his specialised character. In this way, the ‘counter-picking advantage’ of the opponent is reduced. However, the player who has picked up 3 characters still has the flexibility to choose from 1 of the 2 characters not removed by this specialist opponent. As such, it still pays to know more characters.

III. a player with 3 characters registered playing against another player with 3 character registered.

Both players, having see the 3 characters their opponent has registered, is allowed to remove 1 character he’s uncomfortable to play against. it’ll end up with both players having the choice of 2 characters against opponent’s 2 characters. This may promise for additional mind games.

What do you guys think?
All comments and criticisms greatly welcomed.


Counter-picking is not a problem in the fighting game community.

Period. Get over it


I think this thread will be closed soon ^^


Hey look, a logical first reply. Glad we got that out of the way early before people come in agreeing with this crap.


Counter-picking rules are just fine the way they are. Part of “specializing” in a character is learning how to play every matchup, including the unfavorable ones. Allowing people to simply eliminate their worst matchup from the tournament will just make them weaker players.

And yeah, this thread probably will get closed soon.


Or you could character lock the tournament instead of this complicated crap


Or a solution I saw in a SS V Special tournament. Each player has a team of characters of about 4. If they lose, they lost that character and have to pick from the rest of the characters they’ve selected


Then we get salty people who bitch about a very bad match-up.


There are character lock tournaments. The problem with your proposal is that it intends to eliminate one player’s advantage of a favorable matchup, by awarding another player a completely artificial advantage of being able to eliminate their character out of the game.

Aside from the artificial advantage that is created outside of the game, this proposal also assumes that by eliminating a counter-pick, the playing field is evened, when it can just as easily be skewed in the opposite direction. Ultimately, you are trying to replace a fair in-game advantage (fair being that it is well understood and manageable before the tournament, through practice and learning alt. characters) with an unfair advantage of simply eliminating your opponents character by effectively “wishing” it away.

As a wiseman once said,

“The game starts at the character select screen.”


good luck explaining this to 100+ people at a major


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