Just saw the second trailer and there was no thread for this upcoming awesomeness so I made one. Benicio del Toro was born to play the Wolfman, Anthony Hopkins is his dad, Rick Baker is doing the effects, Joe Johnson of The Rocketeer is directing, and it will have the all important R rating. If it ends up being total shit, I will be pissed.
first trailer


whats up wit all these semi horror movies/horror type subjects being a month late.

I didn’t realize DS moved to London.

In conclusion, stfu DS.


Is this the nigga who keeps eating my pernil?

This is a hilarious thread title, much kudos.

I plan to see the film…damn you, Hugo Weaving.

this and new moon, whats up with the hispanic werewolf thing? dont they have the chupacabra or something?

Read the script a few years ago. Have been waiting for it since. Was hoping for a darker film though =/


@Quiv: nothing new http://www.realworldimage.com/images/photos_med/wolf-boys-people-mexican-international-circus-disease-hair-hairy-abstract_14749.jpg

I’m really looking forward to it off the Anthony Hopkins tip.

Sidenote- when me and my bro went to Zombieland they previewed this, when Benecio shouted “I will Kill All of You!” like half the theater fell out in tears

This would explain a lot recently. :coffee:

Anyone seen this movie yet?
I want to check it out sometime next week…read decent reviews about it.

who’s hispanic in new moon…lautners native american.

It’s just not that good…

Bad things: horrible music, it just didn’t fit most of the scenes. Either too much orchestra or just way too dramatic for a simple scene (him simply walking in a forest doing nothing). Also the tone of the music didn’t fit the gloomy atmosphere, it would better fit gladiator or some war movie.

Quite predictable, but don’t want to ruin why.
No real chemistry between Del Toro and Blunt, which made their “love” seem really forced and tiresome.
The action was too focused on being gory rather than exciting or suspenseful.
The writing isn’t very good either, lots of cliches “prodigal son returns” - “dog eat dogworld” etc…

Good things: transformation scenes were impressive, schizo-twitching and bones cracking apart were nicely done.

From the trailer I was hoping 7.5 but it really is a 6/10


I wonder if the theme music will be reggaton.

DS is mexican.


is this the movie with agent smith?? meh I might torrent it. looked dumb. not fucking paying and going anywhere in this snow/shitstorm for sure.

I was interested in the movie until I saw the Werewolf transformation. I know they’re aiming for the classic Wolfman, but in this day and age it just looks lame to me. I want 75% wolf 25% man not the other way around.

Saw it tonight. This is a terrible movie, but a highly enjoyable one!

The acting, dialogue, plot are all laughably bad, the movie is too long, but damn if the gore isnt plentiful and fun as hell! Seriously, they really pull out the stops during the wolfman scenes. Multiple decapitations and amputations. All in all a good one to see with a group of drunk/high people

Saw it last night. It was an ok movie. I was hoping for some badass acting from Anthony Hopkins. He is the only reason I had high expectations for this movie, but I would give it 6.5 rating. It is true that they add music just for a simple scene.

Saw this joint drunk. Was hilarious. Hopkins and gore the only good parts.