A purple archer?!? Hawkeye!


I am 100% sure to say that I want him as a playable character, no other than, Hawkeye aka Clint Barton to be in MvC3,I believe he would have a great unique move set and play style, with trick arrows ranging from explosive arrows to gas arrows.It would rep him for the upcoming move "the Avengers"
I could see his air qcf as a strafe firing mabye 2 or 3 shots to the ground or an explosive arrow.

I’m sure most of you can think of his assist in about 20 seconds

His attitude is somewhat cocky at times, tends to get mad at his team for not appreciating the shots he does with the high amount of accuracy , which I’m sure it could be implemented as something when he tags out or wins or lose, you get the picture, although my friend DID point out in my arguement that it would just be another avenger, although I laughed at the fact of having “too many” avengers. Although others might think differently, that did bring up the fact that he would be a cyclops, but cooler… master of range and martial arts, trained by captain america himself, yes please

Again only posting my thoughts, not trying to fight or flame

would love opinions.

Ps English isn’t my first language so bare with me.


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yup. since english isnt your first language i’ll relax on the infractions.