A question ._.

Just for the record, is there any female user in the forum?

Just curiosity.


Yes, @Blindknagg is female.

You’re not?

I’m a girl.

Everyone on SRK is a white girl. Don’t believe anyone when they say SRK is full of black dudes.

Hi Hi!!! (n_n)

Why is this dude no longer jailed…

You wouldn’t claim to be a girl without posting a selfie now would you?

Watashi sugoi kawaii. Tee hee.

Watashi wa chou kawaii desu.

but your hat says boy

I think you mean:



I’m triggered. Full Beta Triggered.

fobby asian girl fashion has taken a really bizarre turn recently. really looking forward to when they stop accessorizing with ugly oversized baseball caps that say BOY on them

That’s because the only girls you’ve seen are the ones I post.


I’m just fucking with you


Here’s another fellow female SRKer. She’s even rocking the shirt.

Nope now kill yourself

Sure, @“Miss Darkness”

I used to be a girl :wink: