A question about 2 Cammy Links and frames



Ok 2 cammy links/combo’s im wondering a bit about because on some nights i can get the combo 9/10 - 10/10 and sometimes i cant and i want to get better but ive been doing this combo for so long and want it 10/10 because it would help so much.

Ok the 2 combo’s are cr. Short, cr. Jab , cr. Strong xx Spiral arrow and cr.jab, cr. Jab , cr. strong Xx Spiral arrow.

Ok sometimes its distance, sometimes its just too far away to hit the crouching strong ok np. But what causes the crouching strong or forward to sometimes link and sometimes not? On top of that what causes the Spiral arrow to get blocked after the strong links? How many frames of opportunity do you have i mean im guessing this is a 2f link? Also ik guessing that the light attacks shorts/jabs have to be linked not chained etc?

Are there any other combo’s that you find getting more concistency with? Im trying to add 1 more jab just so i can like mentaly prepare myself for the strong lol sometimes it helps actually. But can anyone clear this combo up for me ? It would just help so much of i can get this to 99% lol. Also if i know whats stopping me sometimes it would rly help.


Cammy needs to be close, period.

IF your second cr. light whiffs, then you were too far. You will learn with more practice the distance that it will not connect.

In these instances go straight for cr. light to cr. medium P or K, then cancel into HK SA.


The jabs and shorts arent the problem its the link to M punch thats the prob some nights i dont Miss it some nights i Miss a few etc need more concistency…


You could always combo into cr.MK instead of cr.MP since that one will always connect if your cr.LP connected.


There is no secret to it. It’s just a matter of practice. Hit training mode and get that 100% consistency. If you’re talking about online, then lag can be an issue but if you time your combo’s correctly (by practicing in training mode) you should also be able to hit them online consistently.

Are you on fightstick and are you using plinking? That can help a lot with getting more consistent as it makes the combo’s slightly easier to hit after you get used to it. You can also plink on pad, but it’s much more difficult (at least it is more me).

Tutorial on plinking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXOfdqCryho