A question about 98


I’m sorta new to the KOF series (although i’ve been a FG player since I was a kid). I do own a copy of XI but I was thinking about picking up 98 in order to expand my “knowledge” before the release of XII.

Any thoughts on which variation of KOF I should get? Is 98 a good way to go, or should I perhaps look at one of the 2Ks?

Strange questions obviously because opinion is opinion, but whatever.

Thanks in advance.


2002 is much faster than 98
why dont u pick up both? they are both worth the money ^^


Nah just 1 is what i’m looking for…tight on cash at the moment and I wanna make sure I have enough “room” in my life for everything thats coming out.

Are 2002 and 98 very similar?


kind of, 98 is one of the most if not the most balanced kof out there, it comes down to basics and knowledge of match up really well, 2k2 is faster and more flashy because of the BC combos, i suggest 98 as it has most of the basics/concept of a KOF




i dont agree… at least to my standard 2k2 is much faster than 98


Hell no. 98 is not faster than 2002.


i agree, 98 is not faster than 2k2, unless you mean 2k2um?? heard is slower than OG 2k2


It really depends on what youre looking for. Kof 98 has a much greater emphasis on spacing, poking and over-all KOF fundamentals. Kof 2002, while a great KOF to learn in terms of fundamentals really shines when you can take advantage of the execution heavy BC combos.

What is it youre trying to learn more? If youre looking for a greater emphasis on fundamentals, go with 98, but if youre looking for a more combo heavy game, 2002s where you should start.

Also, both vanilla and UM versions of 98 and 2002 are great, and you really cant go wrong with any of them.


98 has faster normals, specials for characters examples are ralf,clark way more faster in 98.

i’ve also noticed it with vice, mature

at one time I also thought 2k2 was faster but recently after playing both games extensively for a while now I’ve noticed this. 2k2 may appear faster because jumps are much lower in that game.