A question about input leniancy in SF4 series vs HDR


OK. So as the title suggests, this thread is about the diffence in input leniancies between the games. Now before you get started, this isn’t touching upon shortcuts and the like. What I am more interested in is jumping input.

To be more precise. In SF4 (and most other modern fighting games), when I try and jump forward or backward, I can do just that, without thinking (PS3 versions of the game, using a Round 1 TE). However when attempting to do the same on HDR or MvC2, I often have my character jump neutral instead.

This doesn’t appear to make sense since there are only 8 inputs on the joystick, and it is a digital input device.

Interestingly enough, if I hold the joystick at the exact angle I attempt to jump foward, my character will jump once neutrally and then continue to jump fowards.

Now, maybe someone more knowledgeble can tell me if I am thinking along the right lines here. But what I suspect is happening is this:

In many older fighting games the diagonal motion for jumping has to be entered precisely and cleanly.

However in SF4 what is happening is that if I hit up on my way to hitting uf, I will still get a towards-oppponent jump. The reason being that there is some input leniancy that allows the game to correct which kind of jump I want to do provided I shift to uf/ub quickly after I happen to hit u. This would also explain the phenomonon that takes place when I hold uf/ub and get one neutral jump (up input being read) and then several diagonal jumps (the successive diagonal input being read continously).

Can someone tell me if I am thinking along the right lines here? It’s really bothering me that going from from SF4 to HDR, that I can’t even jump towards my opponent half the time.

Moreover, should I be concerned about this (I have no interest in playing HDR itself and as merely using it as an input-improvement tool, but the lack of an input-display makes it not particularly useful)? If this is going to impound my game overall then I feel I should really go back to uber-basics.

Thanks in advance.


you’re right. i imagine the leniency exists to allow for zangief’s short jump (u~uf).

you should probably learn how to do it right since who knows if future games will have the same leniency.


This happens to me more in HDR when there’s lag. When there’s less lag I can jump forward no problem. Also, if you want a version of ST with the input display, get an emulator that displays inputs and then use that for practice.