A Question About Lifestyle

The question came upon me when I was discussing HD Remix strategies with my friend and then the topic of professional players came up.

We all come from different places, we grew up in many different ways, and we were all exposed to the Street Fighter universe in one way or another that eventually led us to where we are now. Some of us enjoy the game in the comforts of our home, others have taken it the extra mile and brought their skills and experiences to places like Evo and other competitive tournaments.

The common misconception for people who don’t know much about professional competitive gaming is that there are the “normal” people and then there are those who just play lots and lots of games in order to get to the level they’re at. While intensive practice would probably be included in a pro-gamer’s itinerary, I’m sure there is a lot more to them than just gaming. People like Sirlin and Seth K. are prime examples of how their gaming skills took them to incredible places.

So what I wanted to ask to the community is, how does your Street Fighter experience or gaming career (If there are any professional gamers who see this) blend in with your lifestyle? How did you become the Street Fighter player that you are today? How do you maintain balance between your personal time and game-time?

Not deliberately trying to pry into anyone’s lives. I’m just curious to see the different walks of life that people come from in this community.

Me, was a part-time marketing assistant at an office near my home. I’m also a college student so majority of my time is spent juggling classes and work with my Street Fighter gaming. School and work come first, so usually the only time I’ll get to play the game is during the evening for maybe one or two hours. I’ve only recently started playing this game competitively so I can’t say that I spend as much time on SF as I do outside of home, but interacting with people from the SF community and friends have shown me that there’s still a lot to be learned in classics like these and I’m eager to learn more and step up my game while I still have a bit of time left during the last of my college years.

I work for the federal government. Not much else to say…just ask any federal employee!