A question about modding Qanba from stick to 'stickless'

Does anyone know if the Qanba Fusion Synthesis PCBs are SOCD?

I have a hitbox but my hands are just too big and the case size makes it a little uncomfortable to use for extended periods. Since I haven’t been using my old fightstick much I was considering modding it. Anyone have experience doing this with a Qanba willing to shed some insight?

In order for you to make a hitbox with any retail stick, you’re going to have to find someone who can make you a replacement metal panel. I don’t believe anyone in the community is offering that service right now. If you really want to make this happen it won’t be cheap. You’ll have to measure and take your measurements to a metal fabrication shop. They’ll probably try to charge you between $80 and $140, which is about what the entire stick is worth.

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