A question about Myoungshin Stick

so I bought this Rev 4 version of Omni Korean stick and I got this problem where when I play tekken or any fighting games for that matter, it randomly input directions without me even touching the stick. Any help? I would really appreciate it thanks in advance.

Check your wiring, maybe your QDs are grounding.

I’ll try that.

pretty newbie question : but how do they ground? Lol

Just check that the quick-disconnects aren’t touching off one another.

Nope they are not so I guess there is another problem.

What PCB are they using in the omnis, and what are the inputs that are appearing out of nowhere?

Paewang and and all of them randomly. It’s irritating as when I go to the command list in Tekken tag 2, it just keeps scrolling without me pressing anything.