A question about SGGKs


I’m currently trying to learn ken’s SGGK (parry, st mp kara throw), but I’m having some real difficulty with just figuring out if I’m even doing it right. The majority of the time I end up with parry into throw and other times the throw gets missed completely and I end up with just a st mp (no parry before though). I’m just wondering if it’s a question of strict timing or am I doing something wrong? One thing I did notice is that I had more consistency with using st hp instead. Probably because the move is slower and therefore easier to kara, but obviously st hp isn’t as useful as st mp.


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There are two timings to watch for, the first being the parry window in the parry > action moment (action being mp, grab or grab tech), and the second being the timing of the kara inputs for the action part itself. What I would say is first work on the mp kara throw until it feels totally natural, then try to combine that muscle memory with regular option parries that you do. It feels a bit weird and cumbersome until it’s muscle memory. Got console training mode you can use?


Don’t even worry about it. Kara mp throw isn’t even useful.

3s myth: it’s all about option selects and sggks.

It’s not


Yeah, I’ve got a console training mode. Emulated PS2 lol. So anyway, I started practicing just the kara throw aspect of the SGGK last night, after awhile I realized it’s simply that the timing on the kara throw itself is much stricter then characters like gouki, chun, ryu etc…So yeah, it’s just a matter of muscle memory.


frame 1


out of all the sggks there are i only really think 2 are ever useful. yun’s zenpo sggk and chun’s. even those aren’t really that amazing.

if you are going to learn to kara throw with ken learn his c.mk kara it gets him some actual range


i support this post. i actually havent tried to learn yun/yangs zenpo sggk, i should try to see if its practical.


Yeah, I’m starting to understand why yun and chun are better. Gouki’s Sggk is nice though, the kara from cr mk has a half decent range. I can see why Kuroda played him for awhile.


Sorry if this is a stupid question, but can anyone tell me what the hell SGGK even means? I’ve heard the term thrown around a lot by people and I’ve seen the term used in some tutorial videos, but none of them have given me a clear answer. Anyone know?





Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



I think you want to know what it stands for. Slide Grab Gyakunitaku Kick.


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it’s easy