A question about throws, may sound dumb

Yo, I keep noticing that in certain situations that my throw attempts miss, even if I’m definitely in range for it to connect. It’s usually after a jump in attack that has connected or after a crossup. The annoying thing about it is that I often get thrown while I helplessly watch my grab animation pass harmlessly through my opponents character. I’ve put a couple of examples below; If anyone can shed some light on this so at least I understand why it happens so I can avoid it in the future…

Rufus - After some dive kicks. If the dive kick connects and I try to follow it up with a throw it usually whiffs or if my opponent is trying to throw me I get a tech. It’s not all the time though, I noticed against Boxer that unless he techs me, I get a throw and he gets a face full of forehead.

Ryu - After a j.mk crossup, whether it connects or not, the throw from behind seems to whiff, and I get thrown a lot from this position all the time, like 2ms later.

Fuerte - After a j.butt smash or after a run/stop in range followed by throw (90% of the time anyways.)

The crazy thing about it is that if my attempt doesn’t get tech’d my characters grab animation is often covered by my opponents grab animation, (I can see my attempt miss in the background as theirs connects np)

So what’s happening here? Any ideas. I’ll try and work out some more specific situations if anyone needs more evidence to make a diagnosis.
My usual sparring partner plays Cammy and Ken, if that makes any difference.

Thanks. Love the site. Skisonic is the man!

It’s because you or your opponent is in block stun.

If you ever watch some advanced throw setups, you might notice that players will do something like, j.mk crossup, land, c.lp, then throw.

The c.lp has less hit stun and block stun, so your opponent becomes throw-able sooner than they would otherwise. Stun time does not stack to my knowledge, or we’d have a game that has a broken infinite for every character… rapid fire jabs would become the end all of the game.

you know how you can’t move or do anything while you’re getting hit?

you can’t get thrown during that time, basically.

Ok,I understand. Thanks for the replies!