A question about wire

I need to purchase some wire. I am replacing the the PCB in the HFS3 with a PsOne PCB. My local hardware store has no wire, YES,none. Pretty fucking stupid. Anyway, I gotta go online now and buy this shit,damn.:annoy:

BTW, I can’t buy from radioshack.com, becuse shipping time to my location is too long. So I gotta use eBay.co.uk. I searched for wire of all types and I am not sure which ones to use. I’m even considering using speaker wire, if that will work. So here are a few

“Wire” searched at eBay.co.uk:

Also “Speaker wire” searched at eBay.co.uk

I would be grateful if someone could tell me any good ones from the pages I supplied you with, or if anyone could tel me any sites where I could buy this stuff in the UK. Thanks ,

Err, if you’re in the UK, why not order from Maplin?

Never knew bout that site, thanks a million! Gives rep

Hey Toodles, which one should I get from that site. Here is a search I did


I would be very grateful if you or anyone else experienced in this field could tell me which wire would be best for this operation.

Ack, kinda havign difficulty getting any good information from that site. I’m guessing that this:
would be it, but like I said, I’m not sure.
What I tell everyone who asks is that 24 guage stranded wire is what I recommend, and its what I use for damn near everything. Strong, bends easily, easy to use. I also recommend 30 guage Kynar wire for finer work, but for just hacking a PSX pad, the 24 guage will do just fine.
Based on the number and the very thing description, I’m guessing the wire I linked to is 24 guage stranded.

Damn, with shipping at like $8 thats too much. Ima gonna have to use ebay. Could you help me again Toodles. Could you check the links I posted in the first post and tell me which one is best. Thanks a million!!

No matches for “24 guage stranded” on ebay.co.uk.


I seen the first 3 items at maplin. Will those be ok? They are cheaper at Ebay

BTW Toodles add me on msn, we can talk there it is easier than posting replies here. Wont take long. Add me: Cynical126@hotmail.com


I don’t know shit about metric wire, but it seems like this might be a good choice for you:


Just my 2 cents, for what it’s worth…


Thanks lizardlick. I bought it! Rep given

Says 0.2mm is the same as 24 guage, and it says stranded, so it looks perfect.

WOW, thanks guys. When all the stuff arrives, if I run into any problems can I rely on you dudes to help? Thanks a million for all the help so far!!