A question about Yun's BnBs



Originally posted on reddit but figured this might be a better place to ask.
I’m a newbie to the game and after looking through the threads and videos I’ve played around whilst learning the BnBs for Yun.
After testing several combos and looking at attack data I’ve narrowed my BnB list down to these (dmg in numbers, not factoring enders such as lungepunch or upkicks in):

3 hit
CrLK LP MP xx (80)
CrLP LP MP xx (90)

4 hit
CrLK CrLK LP MP xx (91)
CrLK CrLP LP MP xx (101)
CrLk LP LP MP xx (91)
CrLP CrLP LP MP xx (111)
CrLP LP LP MP xx (101)

I want to narrow this list down a bit more and want to know, other than picking the string with the highest damage what other reasons is there to pick one bnb over another (I think the 3hit list is pretty set since you might want a 3hit CrLK string to hit low)?

Finally, after playing around a bit I’ve found theres 5 hit combo starters e.g. CrLP LP LP LP MP xx .
I’ve never seen this combo listed or used for that matter. Is there a particular reason why? Im guessing because by the 5th hit the damage is so scaled its the same as a 3hit or 4hit string or that because you’re almost never going to be close enough to an opponent to get a full 5 hit string out.


you want to use strings that cannot be mashed through if they are blocked that way if you see it being blocked you are still safe.
for example if you carelessly inch in and try cr.lk , cr .lk st.lp (the first 4 hit chain you listed) and someone blocks it while you are doing it you can eat a shoryuken counter hit. (Why this is, is because after the two cr.lk , Yun is at a frame disadvantage where as a combo like cr.lk , st.lp is safe, even while its blocked.

strings that are long are better for punishes and the best punishes is still going to be cr.mp -> cr.mp -> st.mp/cr.mk x
Hope this answers your question.
and when you start with punching remember that they can be blocked no matter if your opponent is standing or crouching where as if you start with cr.lk it MUST be blocked low, so if you catch some one not blocking low for a split second you can open them up starting with cr.lk and then freestyle (with punches) it just so long as you don’t push them too far away with your combo when going for your link->cancel.
here’s another punish you may like cr.lk cr.lk cr.lk st.lk x light lunge.

in conclusion all of your 4 hit combos are better used as punishes (when your opponent misses and you know they can’t block you)
otherwise there is risk.

And as far as punishes go, try ending with lp shoulder off of st.mp to rack up the most stun etc.


cr = crouching
st = standing
cl = close

The combos you posted are used as hitconfirms, which means you visually confirm if your attacks are hitting, if they are then you complete the combo, these are not punish combos. The preferred hitconfirm chain is cr.lk/lp, cl.lp because on hit you can go into more damaging options, it also has a built in Option Select. Regardless which hitconfirm chain you choose, the one i suggested, or some of your own, ideally you want to be able to visually confirm if you are hitting the oppnent or if they are getting blocked after 2 chainable light attacks, not more. You can go for extended chains, throws, command throws, another divekick, frametraps, a little back and forth shimmey or simply block to bait out a reversal on block. That is why hitconfirming after only two light attacks is so important.

Also you don’t HAVE to start with light attacks, you can also do cr.mp as a starter for a hitconfirm, it leaves you close, gives you nice frame advantage to get pressure going, easily used as a meaty(attack done on someone their wakeup to beat out any of their normal attacks)

As far as hitconfirms go your 3 hit combos are fine, your 4 hit combos can be better.

4 hit combos:
1.) cr.lk/lp, cl.lp, cr.mp, st.mp xx … (115/125) - Ender is hk upkicks(mk upkicks for a few characters when they are standing(Sakura, Ryu, Evil Ryu, Ken and El Fuerte))
2.) cr.lk/lp, cl.lp, cr.mp, cr.mk xx … (122/132) - Ender is mk lungepunch

You will mainly use combo 1 for all standing and crouching characters and depending on a few character, which i mentioned above, you need to change the ender if they are standing or crouching.
Combo 2 you might want to use to push am opponent to the corner, or if you dislike remembering which characters you will have to change the ender for you can use combo 2 if the opponent is crouching. Another reason to use combo 2 is if you think you are a bit too far which makes combo 1 with hk upkicks whiff on some crouching characters.

Another BnB which is good to do after divekicks is this one:
cr.lp, cr.lk, st.lp, st.mp xx …(101)

The reason this is good is because the cr.lp 3 frames while cr.lk is 4, this makes it more difficult for the people to get an attack between your divekick and your follow up attacks on block, this also catches people from mashing quarter circle attacks and continues mashing of stand throws after a divekick.

A few punish combos:
cr.mp, cr.mp, st.mp xx …(140)
cr.mp, cr.mp, cr.mk xx …(148)
*On some big body characters you can even get a 4th cr.mp if they are standing or crouching and depending on the st.mp or cr.mk you’ll get (175/182) damage

Another very usefull punish:
ex palm, lp shoulder, hp lungepunch

Anyway i refer you to THIS THREAD where all you need to know is in there.

Also based on the numbers, you are playing AE and not Ultra, any specific reason aside from being unsure if you want to spend the money for the updated version?
The numbers i posted above are from AE, in Ultra Yun does more damage due to his extra damage on his cr.mp and st.mp.


Thanks for the replies from both of you!
Thats a lot of great info, I had no idea that it was unsafe after the first 2 chained attacks :confused:
As for playing AE Im currently stuck on PC and wont get Ultra until August. That said, I have preordered Ultra :slight_smile:


It is only an untrue blockstring if you do a link after the first two lights that were chained, you can simply extend the chain with more light attack to make it a true blockstring, one that cannot be mashed through.
Not to confuse you or anything lol.


Ah ok that makes more sense. Thanks.