A Question as Old as Time Itself

I’ve been looking into picking an alt character to use alogn side Adon, and I still can’t really decide. I can play Akuma kinda sorta, but his fragile health really doesn’t mesh with my play style, nor am I too good at setting up untechable knockdowns and cross-ups. And I don’t much like Gouken; He’s cool but he also doesn’t fit well with my more defensive and observe-atory play style.

I then came to the oldest choice in the SF book: Ryu or Ken? I know Ken got a number of helpful buffs in AE, and Ryu apparently got one or two little debuffs, and a couple changes to his game, but because my starter was Sagat, the Tatsu Playstyle is almost completely foreign to me.

So should I go with Ken, who’s considered to be better than Ryu last time I checked, or go with the mainstay of the series? I would rather avoid Yun and Yang, at least until the rage for them has died down a little bit.

Go through the character listings…play around with them…and pick the one you are most comfortable with.

Ken has a slower projectile so there goes some pressure. Super and ultra is average on use. Command attacks are really though.

Ryu’s projectile is better. Ex spin kick is safe for the most part and easy to spam on anything if you want. Extremely easy to use super and ultra. Lacks a fast forward command attack.

Though what’s wrong with Yun, Yang?

Two “help me pick a character” threads on the same page from the same poster is really pretty overboard. Hit youtube, watch some videos, pick someone that looks fun. Or better yet, stick with a main. According to your last post you’ve been maining Adon for about two weeks. I assure you, you still have a lot to learn with him.