A question concerning skill

How do you measure your skill in a fighting game? I used to think that fighting the computer on highest difficulty was a good measurement, but then I realized it isn’t the same as fighting real people in fighting games. I’ve beaten some people, and they’ve beaten me. Is there anyway to determine if you suck so badly that you should just give up? Is one even worthy to play fighting games, if they aren’t tournament worthy? I’d like to hear all opinions, positive, negative, etc.

Im assuming you meant this tongue in cheek, after all theyre fighting games, I dont think “worthiness” is involved. Once your having fun and being entertained then the game and your skill level is serving its purpose. I dont think there is any real way to measure skill, tournament results are probably the most objective, but then again they only really measure how well you play under pressure. You may be practically unbeatable but if you dont handle stress or pressure well then you may not perform well in a tournament environment.

how well you do against other human opponents

no thats retarded you can’t be so bad that you cant play a fighting game.No ones born good at fighting games, it just takes practice and expirience

if a game isnt competively playable, there prolly wont be much of a scene for that game anyway but you can play it with your friends or watever if you want. the question is worded kinda weirdly, i dont really know what you’re trying to ask

I think he inadvertently put a “y” on the end of a “worth”.

the 3s ranking system measures skill perfectly!

Skill is about how fast you can adapt.

You can train a monkey to push the buttons in the correct order, chain, special, super…

You can teach frame advantage numbers to grade school children and they can remember then.

You can know every match up in the game…

These are all academic techniques you can acquire. But overall skill is the ability to use those things as necessary, in a constantly changing environment, without hesitation, and understanding the possible outcome for each technique.

skill is mostly dependent on how long you have played and how fast you learn and who you play against.

example a slow learner that’s played for 9 years against pros will probably fare better than someone who learns quick who’s played scrubs for 9 years.

importance is generally:
speed of learning
time spent playing

but one can outfactor the other obviously.


Tourney winning is the safest/agreeable method.

if you do anything for no reason at all then you suck. if you can not give a reason for doing every movement you make then you are not as good as you could be.

A skilled players are those players who know how to handle any situation.

How many people can you compete against? Consider the computer as one person who never improves or gets worse. The more people you can handle, the better you are.

That’s pretty much it; it doesn’t matter if you’ve won 99.9% of your matches against CPU and human players. It’s when you meet that .1% that does something different, something you didn’t expect, that forces you to change your game to pull off the win. The higher percentage of opponents you can beat based on your ability to change your game and adapt to beat their game, the greater your skill.