A question for fan artists


Hello! This is Dave and as some of you may or may not know I am developing a fighting game community site which will be open this December. I will be providing a fan art and fan fiction section on my message board and I will also provide a wallpapers page in my media section. Also, I will provide a page where you can download the Freehand file for my site’s logo.

People will be able to create high resolution wallpapers with my site’s logo on them and submit them to be added to the wallpaper download page (given full credit of course). They will also be able to play around with the logo, improve it, make fun of it, or do pretty much whatever they want with it. All wallpaper and logo submissions will be considered for implimentation on my site.

So what I am asking all of you is if any of this sounds interesting to you. any suggestions you might have to make the site more fan art friendly? Your input is appreciated.


A page with the Freehand file of your site’s logo? I’m there!!!