A Question for Ryu Players

I want to ask a question to Ryu players, If there was an android app/ java / ebook, that has everything on Ryu, frame trap, combos for various situations, setups, mixups,and tips and tricks plus strategy for matchups and costs $4 will you buy it? if not pls say why?

I would pay $4 bucks for such a resource if, and only if:
[]You go beyond just listing frame traps, all combos etc. (I can find them already on this very site)
]You create a training plan for amateurs, intermediate, pros. (I know the combos, but how can I train them? How can I effectively train OS? What combos should I train etc.)
[*]List all Ryu matchups with relevant information. I like Airryu’s matchup analysis. The Prima Official Guide is crap!
I would really like a list of all moves/specials of other characters and how I can punish them: Good punish (reliable) and max punish. Considering super bars etc.
It would be much better to setup a paid moderated wiki/forum instead of some app. This way you can update the info very fast and people could comment on that.
This forum is really good, but it lacks consistency and someone to filter the relevant information.

my sentiments exactly. But I’d pay 50 for all that