A question for Srk Smashers

How many of you are planning on becoming tournament go-ers for this game?
(I mean normal non smashball type)

I know there’s this whole “srk we da best” idea that everyone seems big on, but I feel in the end its really only going to hurt the players of Srk in the long run to seperate themselves that way.

If you’re casual online only types thats cool. I’m just wonderring who here is playing on a more serious level? Being a longtime member of Srk, I thought it’d be cool if we had our own competitive information/secrets trade that’d give us an edge in the long run.

the hard part is, i for one (not sure about others) am sorta against the whole “secret strats” thing. Its not like im saying be an open book, but if someone has some has questions we should answer them.

Keeping things to ourselves only hurts the scene in general. But lets not have that deter ourselves from figuring things out that advances the game. Cuz you know, SRK we da best.

Because normal is non smashball? Thats the sort of ignorance we’re trying to fight here.

And yes, I plan to go to local tourney, but I think I’ll get sick of the smashboards style “Final Destination/Battlefield Fox/Captain Falcon” tourneys quickly.

Yeah I plan on going to smash boards style brawl tournaments. I also don’t really fall into the whole “srk we da best” group though. I mean yeah I hate smash kids too, but I like their format for tournaments for a lot of reasons. So yes, I look forward to beating them at their own game (which I’ve done before quite a few times). I’m sort of a double agent though. I post and watch shit on smash boards while secretly wanting to punch half the people there in the face.

Honestly though, I’ll get information and competition from wherever I can. Smashboards is established and has a lot of good players on it, so no reason not to.

Raph_Stryker: I dont mean secret as in keepin such info secret from Srk. I just mean we’d discuss things here as opposed to letting such things become quite public and thus making us open books.

I’m not willing to give away ANYTHING on smashboards because then it becomes public knowledge and could directly fuck me over… but I’d be willing to do so here. At an early stage of the game like this information is the MOST valueable asset.

I say this because those are the rules of all the tournaments that I’ve seen held, and they are most likely to be the norm IMHO.

You’re a fucking moron for trying to call me ignorant and then dropping a gem like this, please gtfo my thread.

allright cool, i can see that there is a difference between “respective community” and everyone. As long as their is a chance that people can come up with counters to the strats, and then making counters to those, making the game deeper then most people have said it is, then good.

If something is gamebreaking, then everyone deserves to know, because then even more arguments ensue, and the never ending cycle will keep neverending.

I’ll play competitively if the game is not monopolized by Smashboards and it’s sure-to-be retarded ruleset.

I already find myself at odds with the “community”. From what I’ve seen (in person), is they are a bunch of loud, immature, ignorant kids.


the best don’t back down!!!

I’ll go to EVO east and anything in my area… Thats about it. I aint goin crazy.

i heard that on smash boards the top players and the mods have their own hidden forum were they discuss different strats, combos, etc. :tdown:

Go on SmashBoards, and open the Brawl dicussion. Read posts while trying not to gouge your eyes. It’s really hard to get a proper discussion going on SmashBoards without 10,000 morons replying based on their experience with there friends and not actual tournament experience. I love Smash, but the Smash community’s the biggest load of fail I’ve ever seen in a competitive gaming community; yeah, every board has their fair share of trashtalkers and trolls, but SmashBoards is 90% just that.

Good luck with that.

You’re arguing with scrubs and not actual tourney goers most who go in there are kids who just went to the site because it was a viable place to find brawl info. They have no desire to learn anything at all.

If you really wanna know where intelligent posts are theres tourney discussion.

Lol smashboards has some good info sometimes but other than that its just a bunch of retarded kids asking the most stupidest questions I’ve ever heard. :rofl:

I like the SRK rules. I hated what MLG did to Halo 3 initially and i’ll hate what those people consider what their version of “norm” is gonna be.

NR 20 MIN =/= fairness

i <3 srk
lol @ JAC, u use to be a premium member over there :stuck_out_tongue:

srk pride what :woot:

Lol I never was a premium member at smashboards :rofl:
Im not a mod like B-will who is a premium member