A question from a former arcade player considering PSN


This is my first post on this forum so please be gentle with me… :slight_smile:

I live in London, UK and I first started playing fighting games when I stumbled upon Street Fighter 4 cabinets in an arcade in the city centre. I knew a little about Street Fighter already from buying videogame mags when I was a younger, but never really gave it much attention because it was had 2D sprite-based graphics cause, to me (being born in the mid 90s), it looked crazy dated.

But anyways I was drawn in by SSF4 because I’d never seen Street Fighter in 3D an.d it looked pretty good so I had a go and eventually started trying to get good.

Fast forward a year and a bit and that arcade shut down which leads me to a problem. I already have a PS3 and could play online, but I know for sure that the in-person aspect of the arcade was one of the most important things that made me drawn to SF. Also I’ve heard all about the lack of competition, input lag etc on PSN but I really dont have the money for an Xbox. :frowning:

So should I play on PSN but not really improve OR try and give up on playing until I have enough for an Xbox and some people to play with offline?

Thanks and sorry for the lifestory…


Well PSN is free, and you might be able to score a used copy of AE for cheap, or if you know anyone from your arcade scene try borrowing it to try out the online. If you think its your cup of tea (heh heh this ironically applies here) but you want xbox version for whatever reason, you can always spend some time in the training stage practicing setups while you save. If you are serious about the game then those preemptive hours will pay off because you would do them anyway on xbox.

It’s also of some interest that most majors use PS and NOT xbox.

What are you going to do for a controller?

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Thanks for replying! I already bought a Hori RAPV3 like a retard before learning of PSN’s issues so along with the money for an Xbox id have to get an compatible stick :frowning:

But as you suggested I’ll practice setups etc until I either have money for an XBox or somehow find somewhere to play offline.


just play on what you prefer/have access to.


I meant to say execution also. Execution is key, and can take a long time to develop. Reactions are part natural but have to be developed as well. If you send me a PM I have a few tricks I use to practice hit confirms and block mixups.

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Arcade play and Online play are really similar to each other, the only difference is you don’t see the guy you’re playing with. I said that just because you mentioned the arcade scene which brings back memories. Seriously, go for it, its your choice…


Well, there are a couple of other differences too, notably the fact that people don’t have money (in the form of their credit) riding on every match and latency, but…


yeah actually there are a lot of differences, but still, they are similar


The PS3’s input lag for SF is negligible.
For Marvel, it’s out of control and makes the game complete ass.

So if you’re concerned about your execution, don’t be. PSN itself though has issues, latency and crappy connections. You’ll find good connections, but don’t expect it to be nearly as clean as Xbox.



  • PSN has cheaper subscription fees than most arcade cabinets


  • you have to let your own home become filthy to make it feel like a real arcade

Alternatively, ???


Its not input lag you have to worry about if you play online. I used to play at the arcade a lot.

Its latency / internet lag which is a pain, it can be simple things like making a Blanka ball or a LP DP totally safe because it skips the recovery frames and therefore not giving you enough time to punish. Keep in mind It can vary depending on who you play so look for green bar connections.


Lol it doesnt skip the recovery frames. They are there but it takes long for your commands to be recognized, meaning if you want to punish the recovery you have to react faster, such as inputing your full punish before you are even out of blockstun.


I cant speak for europ internet, but I own AE on PSN and Xbox Live, and there is no real difference in mid-michigan. Just be sure you are playing on as low of a lag monitor as you can.


Sell your stick, arcade edition and Ps3
buy a 360, arcade edition and tournament edition stick
You now have better competition, connections, and general experience
Mission complete

If you sell your USED ps3, you’ll have enough for a NEW 360 no sweat.


First and foremost get a good tv and cable. Makes the most difference. Your lag is more dependent on your connection and location. So that varies. I have a PS3 and it works great. No lag difference from that or PC once I got better cables. PC would be the best if you can get it, not as many players on it as it costs more. Less morons too though.


UK-wise, I’ve played on both PSN and Xbox live - and they both have exactly the same issues. Online isn’t ideal, but it’s good enough to help you improve on.

And, as regards playing in person, switching between the consoles isn’t really an issue.

Maybe think about getting a Quanba stick so you can play on both machines (in tourneys and meet ups - which won’t be difficult to find in That London :))? http://www.gremlinsolutions.co.uk/the-qanba-shop.php


Both consoles have their fare share on good/bad players and problems. Just use trial and error and see which you prefer overall.