A question heard all over

might not go here but
since i am a necro palyer and usely dont do this on a base’s of my playing

how do u cancel or kara cancel?

srry for a newbish question
i just dont really do it on my necro playing time


What would you kara with Necro? :xeye: It’d be nice if you could kara into his SA2, but that’s if his kara had any range on it :sad:

Yeah, you don’t really need to kara anything with Necro. :tup:

yea but any good cancels?
i can atleast pull or try to pull off a cancel
cus i barely even cancel anythin

You have lots of time to cancel his b+MP into SA3, try that. :slight_smile:

You can also hit-confirm cr.LK xx SA1 if you have very good reaction time.

i have mucho reaction time
thanks im a try them now
thanks man and off topic (GAI SENSEI RULES)

EDIT:i just noticed i had cancelin potential
i pulled of alotn of cancels with necro
and yurs to thanks ^^