A question on Costumes and Regions

So, anyways, my brother and I share a PS3. He has a Singapore (R3) PSN account, I have a USA (R1) account. Now, my copy of AE is R3. However, the DLC sale for costumes is avaable only on R1. My question is, will buying these costumes be a waste of money, or will I be able to use the costumes bought from the US PSN on my R3 copy of the game?

I ask this because the gap between US$5 and SG$24 is pretty huuuge…

I think the DLC is region based…meaning the DLC + Game have to be from the same region.

I took the risk via the AE pack, which was only $2. While I can’t speak for other regions, US costumes WORK on region 3 copies of the game. I ended up buying all the costumes thanks to this discovery.

I use a canadian and american account and my costumes work on both regions.