A Question On Round Winning Animations

I have a question. You might have an answer of course.

Vega does quite a few things if he wins a round: Says something rude, Just stands there, or even laugh hysterically. My question is…

Does anyone know how to pick them or if there is even a way?

**** I would like for my Vega to laugh. He laughs every time he gets success in trial mode. EVERY TIME! I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get him to do that. I cannot figure if it’s tied into personal actions or if it’s completely random.

I cannot find the answer anywhere online so…I beg of someone to please help me out here! It’s annoying.

It’s completely random. You cannot customize it.

That hysterical laugh is a trial only animation. Never happens after winning a round.

Thank you. That absolutely blows.

Not quite right, It is random, but the laugh always appears If you win with a time out. Same thing goes for all other char’s trial animation.
Just set the game to 7 rounds and 30 sec and enjoy the animation (and the rage quit of your opponent :wink:

Actually it’s his time-over pose.
Most everyone’s trial mode pose is.

Ah, just noticed Star beat me to it XD

As every other true gentleman, I finished first.

wait there is something wrong with that…

you just caused a world of rage quits. O_o

I remember when I first got this game too, I thought the different ending quotes would make him say different things when he won, not just change the text at the end of the battle