A question regarding player matches in umvc3

(NOTE: I kinda mention this in a previous thread a long time ago but this is more of an update.)
I just made it to 4th ranger and i feel like moving on to player matches, but the problem is that i get destroyed by the people in player match that it almost scared me back to ranked matches. Should I be doing something different in player matches? Should I stay grinding in player matches? or should I be better off in ranked matches?

player matches are good since you can rematch them on the spot

this allows you to learn certain matchups and strategies much faster.

Losing isn’t a bad thing when you’re trying to improve.

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I got to 2nd lord before realizing ranked matches are a compete waste of time. Not being able to rematch leaves you susceptible to being randomed out by something you won’t fall for twice. Player matches allow you to learn matchups, make adjustments, and honestly they simply have stronger players, which is why you’re losing more. Stick to player matches and you’ll see yourself become a better player. I usually win most of my sets (ft10) but I occasionally run into a juggernaut who will body me for free, but don’t feel bad, remember you’re playing to become a better player, there’s nothing at stake. Btw, I’ve noticed that the stronger players use same region, any rank, so use that when searching for player matches.