A question to capcom and Street Fighter veterans

Hi there…
First plz don’t misunderstand me i and think that i am trolling or something…it’s just idea that i didn’t understand it about street fighter series (which is the most series of fighting games that i admire)

it’s more than 20 years after releasing street fighter 2 the world warrior.(1991)and a lot of fighting games came after it since then. (kof…guilty gear…tekken…etc) and i believe there in all fighting games have at least one element from this legendary game,( so we can say that sf2 is the mother of all other fighting games )

My question is…
20 years has passed and guile still have just 2 moves,?? sonic boom and somersault …??( i didn’t count the normals and the super moves)…
To say the truth i thank capcom for making making new spirits . character design and game system mechanic for every street fighter titles.
why they didn’t made big and huge changes in the styles of SF characters…??(like what happened to Eddi from guilty gear slash to accent core…94 /99/2003 kyo and Robert in KOF…)
even if we keep the original moves the same for each characters , why didn’t capcom like namco in tekken series by adding a lot of moves in every new games…(just look how marashall low’s and paul phoenix move list has evolved from the first tekken (94) to tekken tag 2 (2012) …or arcsystem to Ky & Sol in Guilty Gear (98) to GGXX AC(2006) …??
i repeat… it’s not a whining. trolling or sarcasm ( like how my friends who playing other fighting games doing to me)
it’s more like wondering from guy who played various fighting games…and he seeing his favorite fighting game characters evolve so slowly(and some of them didn’t evolve ether ) …

i liked how the big development the occurred between street fighter ST and 3s (the last titles from 2 and 3 series )…
but now i ask … why they didn’t do another big step like that …?? why…??

Guile only has 2 moves because he doesn’t need any more moves.

They wanted to try it with Ryu first, unfortunately he kicked a donkey and Capcom got sued by the animal rights group so no more new moves for anyone.

Because SF3 was a commercial failure and Ono concluded that a SF2.5 is the answer for how Capcom could revive the series. And results has proved him to be absolutely correct. We can complain about it but then you look at the FPS, JRPGs, Platforms and can you honestly say that they have evolved more than fighting games?

You think you are missing something important…
Normal moves, special moves and super moves. All of them are “moves”.
Guile has many great normals that work in conjunction with his specials, so he was never lacking in tools.
Now go watch some Muteki vids and think about what you said.

Here’s a better question: why don’t you ask Capcom?


tl:dr, that’s all he needs.

My theory is that he could throw low sonic booms and do dive kicks if he really wanted to, but he doesn’t want to come across as, you know… French.

The real answer to the OP (which wasn’t just about Guile, remember) has already been stated: SFIV was a deliberate SFII throwback/nostalgia trip for commercial reasons.

nah, I agree with the OP in some regards. The sf4 series is retarded, literally retarded as in less advanced. Ok, so guile only gets to have his 2 moves, don’t give a fuck. What about adding more elements to the system? surely that could spice things up.

why does dashing take so fucking long? didn’t take that long in 3s\cvs2
why can’t I roll when I get knocked down? you could roll in a2\a3 iirc but definitely in a2
is my world calibur fighter too stupid to run? running was in cvs2
what about jumping different heights or angles for every character? more cvs2

I honestly don’t know why people play that game other than for the money. The system in it is designed for a 3 year old, thats why a lot of people call it fisher price fighter instead. Its so limited that its mind numbingly boring.

I would of taken all the best elements of all the good SF games and turned those elements into a new SF4. Capcom, you guys suck, let me build a battle system and show you what good elements look like.

Um why don’t you just get some guys together and play cvs2?

-trolls suck-

lol, yea what I was saying was complete bullshit and makes 0 sense and I’m the troll lol

Ask Data East what Guile was missing. And what was missing in sf2.

As strange as it sounds, I actually think the limitations make it interesting…:wonder:

This is true except for the sarcasm

its all opinion but in hindsight as a species, the more possibilities there are for a particular thing, the more interesting it becomes. Which is why you see chess over checkers and the piano over the metal triangle. Don’t know why it can’t be the same for fighting games and for me, it personally is.

durping it down is limiting the overall possibilities within the game and creates a less interesting game. Instead of jamming out on the piano, mother fuckers got me playing the triangle.

Triangle’ fuck you up son

I am not arguing that it is better than the previous games in the series. It is definitely a different approach which in many ways is an inferior one…but…

…there is something about the fact that we both pretty much know what each other wants to do that makes actually playing the game interesting.

…the potential for defensive play to be so strong because of the combination of the pace of the game (super slow) and how limited the options are. Why am I so far away from achieving this in reality when it seems so possible to shut people down completely?

…trying to find creative offense within a system that seems so limited. There is some potential to do this if you use the right character.

SF4 is a strange and frustrating game; maybe it is actually a very negative game…underneath all of the frustration there is something that is actually really entertaining. I don’t think I can describe it properly. It is a very basic fighting game and maybe that is all that is really necessary to have fun.

Why redesign any characters? Why should any company follow the mold of another?
Seriously, you know how many people would be flat out outraged if Ryu lost his DP or tatsu? If Guile all of a sudden had some sort of teleport, or Blanka had a fireball?
Fuck that… Why change perfection?

They gave Guile more and changed him up. They ended up changing his appearance and name too.


The SF4 series is stupid exactly because they changed all normals and specials from the original characters from the game they advertised it would be based on (ST). First of all, it was a flat out lie: it was based on EX, A3 and 3S. Secondly, it was clear they did not know what they were doing, as Ono himself admitted, without noticing it would display their lack of sense: they were trying 3D collision instead of hitboxes.

Seriously, why make a deep SRK trade? Why make a flash kick suck as anti-air? Why make Blanka’s balls completely stupid? 2-button throws (strike one) with start-up (strike 2) and kara-cancellable for range (strike 3), WTF, why??? I ain’t one of the guys who thinks the original is perfect, it is not, but it was on the fucking right direction. Why hire a bunch of idiots who had no idea of what SF was and make a whole new stupid game? Then at least admit it was a completely new game and don’t fucking advertise otherwise.

In art (books, novels, movies), a character is not just a name and looks (the ones from books actually lack well defined looks), it is the way they behave that makes them that character. I learned to love Poirot, Conan, Tex and other characters the way they were. When you make something new, name a character with an existing name and make it behave differently, it is not that character anymore. For instance, read a story of Holmes, and then watch the recent movie. It can be a perfectly cool movie, but there is no reason to call the protagonist Sherlock Holmes but marketing it for careless people and, thus, increasing profit.