A Quick FT5


Daughter woke me up and fell asleep on me. Lets play… PSN btw.


Add MixxUpz





Yoooo good games for real son! You got some skill! A little advice though, dont always go for advanced combos with your Sentinel. Sometimes being basic pays off fam.


Thanks, GG’s as well. I try to show off new things I learned. Definitely when playing against people better than me.


Word up! Yooo how long you been playing??


Since last year.


Fuck with the facebook group though I know you said you dont feel for it but you can level up fast!


Damn and you doing reflys and fastflys! I heard you getting salty about dropping your fastfly combos but thats that psn lag. That little set surprised me though, we have to play again for real fam!


That is one reason I don’t like playing with my mic on because I end up lagging out, or slowing down the game. I’m sure you play other Sentinel’s who are way better, so no need to pump me up… Anyhow I’ll be on later and we’ll play if I’m free.


Yo word up I’ll get at you fam! And I aint trying to pump you but I dont know to many females who play MvC2 and play Gods at that!


seriously join the fb group. theres no reason not to everyones on there now. not too many people who still check here, and i only do out of nostalgia lol.