A Quick Ol' Question

Alrighty then. So here it goes:

  1. How does Nova work as a mid character, right now I run Chris, Morrigan, Magnus, and my Magnus is butt, so I am deciding to drop him. My second part of this question would be, who else would be a good anchor or mid character ( I always have Chris on point since I can keep away like a bum) and maybe Morrigan as anchor, especially for her loops (and maybe a little bit of dieminion play tossed in) or as my mid.

  2. I swear this question always goes unanswered, after the 8M, 5H, 6H, j.M, j.M, J.H, j.S Chris corner combo, how can I get the OTG Heavy Gunfire from the jump back, I don’t know if I explained it right, but basically, since I can only flamethrower to end that combo (611k for no meter) I want to know how to hit the j.H Magnum so I can hit my DP Super afterwards.

Thanks in advance for any help.

With Chris you could be doing more I think. I don’t believe you have to jump back to OTG; you can neutral jump and it should still hit. That said, even if you jump backwards you could still do f.H into launcher, air series, land, OTG df.H xx super. An easy way to get the OTG ground bounce is after a launcher go sj.M-M-H xx magnum, which will ground bounce and give you plenty of time to do f.H into launcher when you land. Another way to OTG in the corner is df.H xx magnum which will wall bounce.

Thanks, now I can see way more damage coming in of a really good poke. Thank you very much