A quick question about gates

I just bought my first sticks, a TE and SE to mod, but I’m concerned about the square gate. I have been playing Street Fighter 4 on my 360 controller using the analog stick (don’t laugh) which is obviously circular. My concern comes in the fact going from O to [] will be very drastic and uncomfortable because I’m used to riding the edges of my analog stick.

So I guess my question is would you guys recommend and I get use to square gate or just swap it out right away and replace it with an octagonal or round gate? Lizard Lick just got some in and if I order today I should get them right when I get back home.


It would be better to learn how to play on the square gate (don’t ride the gate). Besides, the GT-Y octo gate actually increases the throw distance of the stick and isn’t ideal.

You’ll get used to it.

Everything about the stick will feel weird at first, you’ll learn. It just takes a little time.

Use whatever you feel most comfortable with… unless you’ll be going to loads of tournaments on Arcade machines, in which case learn to use a square gate (I bet the answer to this is no). If not there is absolutely no need to stick with a square if you dislike it.

Except for the fact that once you learn to use a square gate, you’ll find it superior 90% of the time. The only time you’d ever want to even consider an octo-gate is if you’ve completely written off using charge characters and you think it’d be easy to find the down-back corner on an octo-gate so you can block low (it’s not easy btw, even after using it a long time you’ll have more trouble than it’s worth).

Fack octo gates. Quitters, I say.

Just learn to use a square gate.

The only time I could see an octo being useful is for playing gief and mashing out 720s.

I always played SF on various game pads, never a stick, I played SF4 for almost a year till I tried to actually make myself a custom stick to play on, with no playing experience when I built my first stick i put a octo gate in my JLF cause I thought that would be the most practical since I thought it would be easier to move your character in 8 directions, after a few months on actually learning how to play on the octo gate and stick itself, I picked up a TE fightstick with the stock square gate and truthfully fell in love with it, it took some time getting used to it but the motions were shorter, everything feels tighter, I dunno there is nothing wrong with an octo gate, of course its all preference. IMO Square Gate FTW!

what people tell you here can only help you with your decision 5-10% at best. only by experimenting will you figure out the truth about which gate will result in better execution. purchasing a gate and the time spent experimenting is a small price to pay to know for sure which is better for you.

i honestly dont think they’re terrible for someone just getting used to a stick, but yes, i loves the square now.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll hold off on ordering an octo gate and let you guys know what I think once I get my hands on my sticks.

I originally used octo gates on my sanwas, but after going back to square (which i never gave a chance) i can honestly say that square is the better. it just feels more natural after u get used to it, plus it enables your stick to be more of an al-round for any other arcade gaming. The only time I would use octo again is if there was some game that absolutely required it; which there aint.

Square is the way to go.

I think they’re terrible ESPECIALLY for someone just getting used to the stick.

You want to learn the “right way.”

This is what initially sold me on square gates: http://www.slagcoin.com/joystick/restrictors.html

The numbers don’t lie!

Thank you for posting that link.
I just started playing SF4 and considering buying a fightstick instead of a fightpad, but I never really found any good theory on why square would be better then octagonal gates.
Now I did. Square it is for me.
Thank you.

While I understand the technical differences, it doesn’t matter for gameplay so long as you don’t ride the gate. Engage distance is constant.