a quick question..

i want to know is the lineart in this pic was done by ink or it can be done in photoshop? thanks

so i just found out that all the drawing that has lineart like this was done with a tablet, is there anyway i can do the lineart like this without the tablet in photoshop?

You can, using the “pen tool” in photoshop, but this is totally different than actually inking with pen or a tablet, and I find it much more dificult.

i did try to ink in photoshop using the pen tool a while ago, but it doesnt came out as you did with tablet like the one in the image above…all the line thickness is the same, i want the stroke to become thiner and lighter when you stroke the pointy corners, like hair strand in the image above…

Well you can do the same with pen tool, IIRC, but you have to work with it and in my opinion, it takes way to long, I’ll just suggest that you get a tablet.

Select the brush you want to ink with, then check the box for brush tip shape>brush dynamic.

Now when you go to make the path with the pen tool, and then right click>stroke path, select “brush” as the tool and check the box for “simulate pressure”

Your line should simulate that of what you have set up for the brush now. have fun!

If you want to ink faster just use the freeform pen tool. It’s not as smooth as doing it anchor point by point but it’s muuuuuuuch faster.

Yah pen tool can do that, and the result is much more precise than using a tablet. Problem is the whole method feels too damn mechanical compared to freehand tablet.:nunchuck:

thanks for the tip, but the two end of stroke always equally thin and the ink is faded away…its there any technique that allow only one end become thin and without fading away…

i don’t mean to sound like an ass…but the pic you posted isn’t exactly amazing work. it looks good enough. seems to me that you could fairly easily do that with pen on paper then scan it in. it can also prob be done easily in photoshop, easiest with a tablet with shape dynamics.

i’m trying to improve my traditional pen skills (anyone got tips?) so i know the battle between digital vs traditional.

ultimately, i think maybe we can help you better if we know what your final intentions are?
are you trying to make a single image? a comic book? something for a website?
will this image be colored or b+w? size? something you want to hang in a room?
if we know what you’re going for we can prob help you get there a little easier.

i dont have any ink or pen so the only way to ink my images is in photoshop…
and im gonna try to color my images and post it on my web…

bro…you don’t have ink and a pen, but you have photoshop? that may be the strangest thing i have ever heard.

go get some paper, and some pens man!

i dont know where i can buy those drawing ink and pens around my area…are they have to be made specifictly for drawing or just regular ink and pen will work?

hell i get awesome resultswith bic pens (not that i’m suggesting those for this type of art)
is there an ac moore or a michael’s crafts anywhere near you? if not you can get decent pens at walmart or target. they usually come in packs .005 .01 .03 .05 and .07.

i guess im gonna have to go to walmart then, its my only choice…thanks

If you combine the control of a tablet with the freeform pen tool, that’s the best way to go.