A Quick & Simple FA>Headbutt Question

I went through my recordings the other day and noticed one involving an online random player match versus a Seth. Bloke was being a complete ass relying on backjumping fierce punch and whatnot but once I caught him and got him into a Dizzy I went for a Lv3 FA and went to go for CMP>Headbutt Ultra.

Thing is… CMP didn’t come out - Turns out I forward-dashed into Headbutt>Ultra.

(It’s at 1:10 - Skip the rest - It’s my usual “Oh look, yay, I’m so happy I did ‘X’ combo!” type of movie, nothing special).

Now, I know the charge times are a bit lenient, but is it common knowledge that you can charge so much so that you’ve no need to add more scaling if you can forward dash into a headbutt? I’m not talking of a forward dash /wait to charge/ headbutt, I mean he ran forward and a split second later Bwuahahahahaha THERE’S NO ESCAPE!

Would it matter? I’ve not tried but I’ll assume it’s pointless if you can FA (No Dash) Headbutt and get the same result (Though I used to think it’d whiff as the opponent is laying on the floor by then) but otherwise wouldn’t it save a bit of scaling if you just wanted to tack on a wee bit of damage pre-ultra with just a headbutt/ultra after a FA? If you wanted max damage on a dizzy, you’d likely just Ultra them or go for a more suiting non-ultra based combo, sure… Guess I’m trying to a) Figure out if this is something new/interesting and/or b) Is it even any remote use at all [not likely].

I just found it… Very VERY weird. I’m dumping a lot of recordings at the moment of some random combos and shinanigans for the sake of using them and being rid of them so I’ve tacked the clip in question on the end if it turns out to be something special, but I wanted to get people’s take on it, first before I even consider linking it…

Honestly, it just looked so weird that I was a little shocked… If it turns out to be anything remotely special I’ll link it but I get the feeling my inexperienced tingly senses just seem to think it’s uncommon.

A couple things are going on here that makes this work. One, you can input the dash cancel pretty early and still have the fa connect so that you’ve got more time to charge. It’s essentially the charge buffering technique. Two, headbutts put your op into a juggle state, so when it connects during a stage 2 crumple you’re able to combo afterward instead of getting the airborne reset. You can fa3 and go into a headbutt after recovering without dash canceling because of this.

As far as efficiency goes, it’s not the best way to combo into your ultra after a crumple. To use your FA3 as an example, FA3, fierce hb, ultra does around 497 damage and 360 stun. If you did the combo you were going for, FA3, low strong, fierce hb, ultra, you would actually do around 507 damage and 420 stun. And to take it a step further, if you do FA3, low fwd, low strong, fierce hb, ultra you would hit about 503 damage and 470 stun. Or you could just stick with FA3, ultra for around 586 damage and 200 stun. I personally prefer low fwd into low strong because of the stun.

Figured as much and you’re right, I adopted the method where I’d double tap the forward/backward about 0.5 seconds before the FA even hits and be in backcharge for the duration so that explains it, just I hit the CMP but for the first time it just plain didn’t come out and ended up with a FWD Headbutt which just looked completely lopsided and weird hence I brought it up.

It had me thinking all manner of possibilities like FA Absorbing a Fireball into a FWDash Headbutt at moments where you suspect a jump but naturally I scratched that out of my ‘to mention’ list as I assume a large portion of that pre-dash downcharge is during a focus attack actually connecting and the delay it gives so oh well - Guess it’s not all that unique or useful afterall but I thought I’d ask!

Cheers bud.

Well hey, if you see the potential for a new strat/tech based on this then go for it, bud. Play around with it. Experiment. Prove or disprove your idea, then find setups where it does and doesn’t work. Just because I was able to explain why the basic concept works doesn’t mean there aren’t other potential applications for it.

If you see untapped potential and it interests you then hit the lab. And once you’ve had a breakthrough come back and share your results with the community. Push the Rog science forward, bud.

Hmmmm truthfully the reason I post such questions here is that I don’t get a lot of satisfaction from that side of things though thats mostly inexperience - I’m at a position where I still see PLENTY of ‘awesome’ things and aren’t aware that it’s just common stuff. I get my kicks from punching people, doing combos, maybe extending a few of Balrogs trials (Like that Hard Trial 4 Extention movie I showed a while back) but I don’t think I have the patience or understanding to do ‘real’ lab-work - No doubt I’ll probably give it a shot but I’d end up bored - Just being honest :confused:

I wager it would really require a FA Hit to connect anyways in order to use it - And if thats the case then you are 99% likely to find that there are a plathora of much easier / more damaging / worthwhile options to do in that case, anyways.

op do you play on keyboard? your rog is pretty damn sexy :wink:

Thanks for the compliment, though I’m really not that hot with Balrog - I know some of the basics but as some people point out on my channel and here, I have no option selects and rely totally on gimmicks and trickery as opposed to smart play.

I am indeed a Keyboarder and proud, but thats probably the only thing I’m proud about in SF4 - I do ok but I’m nothing to write home about, thats for sure - I do love posting here and getting involved with the community, though, and I do like to try and contribute some of my movies - But ultimately the movies & things I contribute would NOT involve any of the fights I’ve uploaded because I think I suck :smokin:

Thats the price you pay when you are influenced to buy SF4 from watching all the pro movies/players/tournaments - You always compare yourself to that level, even if you’re just a casual player :bluu: