A.R.K. II - Arkansas Regional Knockouts II! - Conway, AR - 7/31/10 - SSF4/T6/BB+More!

Arkansas Residents: Please remember to visit our state thread here in the regional forums and contribute! We value your contributions!

-The venue will have custom arcade cabinets of games such as the original Street Fighter 2 and Vanguard Princess set to FREE PLAY. Enjoy! (Major update since Vanguard Princess looks AWESOME haha).
Pics of the game are here: Vanguard Princess

  • Vanguard Princess features all anime girls, lolis, and plenty of panty shots. If that doesn’t get more attendees, I don’t know what will.

-New Instructions on Venue (please read!)
-Most Tournaments Listed
-Tournament Schedule Fixed
-Tournament will now be STREAMED. Details coming soon.
-Mystery Game Tournament Details incoming.
-If you have my new number (972 area code), then feel free to call me if you have any problems/concerns. Otherwise, contact me at 512 522 8563 which will forward calls to my phone.


Come join us again as we duke it out with the region’s finest at the second iteration of A.R.K. (Arkansas Regional Knockouts)! Players from everywhere are invited to come hang-out and throw-down with gamers from all across the region. We really want to build a scene down here and what better way than to gather everyone together and see how we all stand? Please join us, have a good time, and hopefully win some big money!

Our last event was quite successful as we had over 70 gamers from 5 states compete. However, we are hoping to get an even larger turnout this time!

Please, Please, PLEASE Preregister (by posting below) if you plan on going. If you are bringing multiple people, can you give us a head-count so we can better organize this tournament? Also, PLEASE bring equipment, if at all possible (especially you Arkansans!). We will take anything and everything and return it all to you as it was given to us.

To contact me, please post here, PM me, or email me at arktourney@gmail.com .

**Date: **
07/31/10 (Schedule below)

**Location: **
If you try to Google Maps Conway Gaming Center itself, it’ll lead you to some random location NOT in Conway so use one of the below links to find the location.
Conway Gaming Center
2455 Washington Ave Suite 104 & 105
Conway, AR USA 72032
2455 South Washington Avenue, Conway, AR 72032-5404 - Google Maps

Audio Express is literally next door to Conway Gaming Center (they share a parking lot):
2455 Washington Avenue, Conway, AR 72032-2732 (Audio Express)

Games Played:
Super Street Fighter 4 (Singles and 3v3 Teams)
Tekken 6
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Mystery Game Tourney
Plus MORE based on YOUR votes.

**Cost: **
$10 Entrance Fee. Included in the entrance fee are free pizza and drinks. Thus, it cannot be waived for spectators. Each participant will be marked during their payment of the entrance fee to avoid multiple charges.
$5 Per Minor Tournament Fee (Mystery Game Tourney, HDR, TvC, plus Vote-Ins).
$10 Per Major Tournament Fee (SSF4, T6, BB:CS, Smash Bros Brawl, Smash Bros Melee).
The 3v3 SF4 tournament will be $5 per person ($15/team).
Prizes: All pots are split 70/20/10.

Preliminary Schedule:
Set-up: 10AM-Noon
Registration for Set 1**: Noon-2PM
Tournament Set 1: 2:30PM - End
Registration for Set 2: Noon-3PM
Tournament Set 2: 3:30PM - End
Registration for Set 3: Noon-4PM
Tournament Set 3: 4:30PM - End
Food Served: ~5-6 PM
SF4 3v3: Immediately following SF4 Singles.

** - The games are divided into “Sets” which will be played at different times to run the tournament as efficiently as possible.
Set 1: BlazBlue: CS, Tekken 6, HDR
Set 2: Super Smash Brothers Melee, Mystery Game Tournament, TvC
Set 3: Super Street Fighter IV, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Vote-Ins

Rules/Formats: We try to adhere to major tournament standards with as little modifications as possible. Thus, the rules we go by are the same rules encouraged by places such as Evo and the Smashboards.

Universal Rules:

  • All brackets are double elimination except for SF4 3v3 Teams.
  • Double-Blind Select can always be chosen to begin a match.
  • The winner of a game must stick with the same character used to win for the following game, except in the case of Smash Bros. Loser can always change characters.
  • Player’s Choice: All rules are subject to be ignored if agreed upon by both parties, however due to time constraints, matches cannot be extended longer than their allotted time (i.e. cannot play best 3 out of 5 when supposed to play 2 out of 3, or cannot change timer limits to infinity)
  • Please Bring Your Own Controller: While there will probably be many players willing to lend you a controller/stick, there is NO guarantee. You WILL be disqualified if you cannot start the match within the allotted time.
  • Players have six minutes to report to and begin their matches and will be disqualified if unable to do so.
  • It is the player’s responsibility to notify a staffer over a dispute on rules.
  • Staffers will be identifiable through the use of name badges.
  • Button mapping and converters ARE allowed while turbo is NOT.
  • Winners are required to notify staffers of the results of their match. This will speed up the process greatly and help us run a smooth tournament.
  • Wireless sticks/pads/remotes will be allowed. However, we require that you pull out your battery when you are not playing to avoid disrupting tournament matches.
  • In addition, pausing or restarting the game/match for any reason, except with the consent of the opponent will result in a forfeit of that particular game/round (whichever is smaller). This includes battery/controller problems.
  • Every person is responsible for the functionality of their controller. A “button check” may (and should) be asked for prior to every match. A player cannot request a button check once damage has been taken and must finish the game (but may ask for another button check at the beginning of the next game). If a controller is non-functional or is functioning incorrectly, the player must receive consent from his or her opponent before pausing the match.


  • 4 stock, 8 minute time limit
  • 2/3 games, 3/5 games Loser’s/Winner’s/Grand Finals
  • Items off
  • Games decided first by lives, then %. Sudden death is used to break ties.
  • Stage Knock Out: Stage Striking will be in effect for the first match of the set. The player with the lower port will get to choose the first strike. Loser chooses ban before next match.
  • Modified DSR: You cannot go back to the last stage you won in a set, unless agreed upon by the other player.
  • Advanced Slob Picks: Loser may choose the next stage or select to go random. The winner may then change their character, followed by the loser.
  • Controller Mods, Glitches (IC Freeze Glitch, Mewtwo Soul Stunner, etc), and tactics used to stall a match (wall-bombing, rising pound), are banned.
  • Wobbling Banned

Fountain of Dreams
Counterpicks 1v1:
Kongo Jungle
Rainbow Cruise
Pokemon Stadium

SBR Certified

  • 3 Stock, 8 minute timer
  • Items are set to “off” and “none”
  • 2/3 games, 3/5 games Loser’s/Winner’s/Grand Finals
  • Players are allowed to ban ONE Starter/Counter stage prior to a match.
  • At the beginning of the first game, players alternate “slashing” starter stages until one stage is left.
  • Advanced Slob Picks: Loser may choose the next stage or select to go random. The winner may then change their character, followed by the loser.
  • In the event of a dispute, controller ports will be selected by Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • Port slob picks: On a player’s counterpick, that player may opt to redo the port selection process with that player picking his or her port first.
  • No player may choose a stage they have already won on in that set unless agreed upon by both players.
  • Games decided first by stock and then by percentage. If percents are the same or both players die simultaneously, there will be a 1 stock overtime. Bowser’s suicide klaw is exempt from this rule.
  • If a game ends with Bowser doing his suicide klaw and it ends in sudden death, the sudden death will be ignored and that game will count as a win for Bowser.
  • Metaknight’s Infinite Cape glitch is banned.
  • Stalling is banned. Stalling: The act of deliberately avoiding any and all conflict so that one may make the game unplayable. Running away from an opponent to reach a better position is not stalling, while doing an infinite grab endlessly against a wall is. Any infinite chain grabs must end quickly after 300% has been reached so as to prevent excessive stalling.

Stage Lists
Final Destination
Yoshi’s Island
Pokemon Stadium 1

Castle Siege
Lylat Cruise
Frigate Orpheon
Jungle Japes
Pirate Ship
Pokemon Stadium 2
Rainbow Cruise
Luigi’s Mansion

Default Settings.
2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, (Loser’s/Winner’s/Grand Finals are 3/5 games).
Player’s must agree on a stage within 15 seconds or match will be RANDOM stage select.
Only bans are infinite combos.
Ties result in replays.

3v3 Teams:
Same rules as above except as follows.
Single Elimination
"Everybody Plays" Elimination style (Waseda Style). Basically, not Pokemon style (i.e. winner of game 1 does not stay until he/she is knocked out).

**Tekken 6: **
Default Settings
3/5 rounds, 2/3 games, 60 Seconds (Loser’s/Winner’s/Grand Finals are 3/5 games)
Player’s must agree on a stage within 15 seconds or match will be RANDOM stage select.
No customizing colors, names or items at any time before or during a tournament match.

Round Time 99 Seconds
2/3 games until Loser’s/Winner’s/Grand Finals which is 3/5 games.
Easy Specials: OFF (Easy Specials involve the use of the right analog stick to perform instant specials with zero effort).
Unlimited Characters in BlazBlue BANNED.

**TvC: **
Default Settings
2/3 games until Loser’s/Winner’s/Grand Finals which is 3/5 games.
Banned: Any glitch that freezes the game or prevents the match from being played. Instigating such tactics results in a loss of the game.
Player’s must agree on a stage within 15 seconds or match will be RANDOM stage select.
Burning Ruins is banned unless agreed upon by both players.

Speed 3, Remixed Mode.
2/3 games until Loser’s/Winner’s/Grand Finals which is 3/5 games.
Banned: Akuma
4:3 Aspect Ratio

Mystery Game Tournament

  1. Each round will feature a different 1 vs. 1 game. Each game and the rules for each will be announced at the beginning of each round.
  2. Due to the issues involved with configuring controllers for PC games, please use the controllers provided. If there is an issue with one of the controllers provided, please let the tournament official know.
  3. Mystery Tournament Players do not talk about rule 3.

Additional Details:
We encourage everybody to bring any and all equipment if possible. This will speed up tournaments and help everything run more smoothly. We request that all equipment be “checked-in” 30 minutes before tournaments begin to run the smoothest possible tournament.

We require all incoming equipment be labeled at Check-In to avoid theft and accusations thereof. Even so, we encourage all people to keep their sticks/controllers/battery packs on-hand at all times as we are not responsible for missing equipment.

Photography of the event and recording of matches is allowed and even encouraged. However, flash photography is not allowed during matches, due to obvious concerns of distraction. Unfortunately, we cannot stream matches for this tournament due to inexperience and lack of manpower. If you record videos or take pictures, please contact me and I will upload the videos to my Youtube account and pictures to my Photobucket account, accessible to everybody on the results page (credit given to you, of course).

For the major tournaments, PS3 is the console of choice used due to compatibility concerns within the community. The 360 may be used for games that are not supported on PS3 (i.e. if Garou gets voted in) or if there is not sufficient equipment. CRTs and lagless LCDs are the televisions of choice for the tournament, but due to using equipment from the community, LCDs with lag may be set up accidentally. A player always has a right to not play on a setup if lag becomes an issue and if lag is discovered, the set up will be removed from competition.

We appreciate everybody that travels and know that players are just looking for competition. If you inform us of your party, we will do our best to ensure that you do not play each other in the opening round of the bracket (location-based seeding).

Attendees are encouraged to participate in multiple tournaments. The brackets will skip you if you are currently in a match.

The three games with the most votes will be allowed into tournament play. However, if there is sufficient interest for more than three tournaments, we will consider including other games as well. We reserve the right to cancel tournaments at any time if there is no “real” interest. That is, if a game gets 20 votes and only 3 people show up to the event, we will not host a tournament. Please do not vote unless you think you are going to go.

Results will be posted within 48 hours following the event. Pictures, brackets, standings, and pay-out will all be posted accordingly.

Pre-Registration List:
MaxX Fingers - SSF4/TvC/HDR
Mike “Puttin’ out da Fiyah” Weng - SSF4
DisturbinglyZen - SSF4
DeeZee989 - SSF4/TvC/UMK3/Killer Instinct
MexiMelt - SSF4/TvC
Lan Di - SSF4/HDR/CvS2/KoF
SeiferSythe - BB/Melee/GGAC
Seel007 - SSF4/T6/UMK3/MvC2/KI/SS/SC4
Seel’s 2 friends
iTorres - SSF4/HDR/MvC2
Edison - SSF4/HDR
Flacko - SSF4
Afierymisfit - SSF4/BBCS/MBAA/TvC
Warpticon - MB:AA/SSF4/BB:CS
Allen K.
Yusuke - SSF4 / GGAC
FindMyFarms - SSF4
Tony Wu
Brian - 3rd Strike
Seel’s friend - UMK3
Exceed - SSF4
Warden - SSF4/BB/TvC
Tha Shogun - Melee/Tekken/SC4
W00tsick + 3 for SSF4
Cha0tix - Smash 64 / DBZ Hyper Dimension/SSF4/Melee
ShinBlade - T6 / SSF4
FlyMike - T6
AnimeFreak6969 - SC4
DaRabidDuckie - TvC/BBCS/T6
pJan - SSF4
Cylus - SSFIV
Janinball - SSFIV

Facebook RSVPs:
iJoJo - MvC2/T6
Rawkus HDR/3rd Strike/GGAC
Taylor B.
Adrian H.
John Booher
Sam P. - Brawl
Taylor W.
Zach J.
Jessica P.
John B.
Blake M.
Clay L.
Yuri G.
Tony B.
John E.
Shane R. (SSF4 + 3v3, needs 2 partners!)
Kirby M.
Alex S.
Brian B.
Bryan “Cazash” C.
Jeff C.
Sam “ThxForTheDonations” Parker

Maybe Attending
Friend of SeiferSythe?
KageGiovanni (not sure if you’re for sure coming)
JDH the Auditor
Kyoji24 - SSF4
ODLei - T6
Freak (Tim) - T6
Captain (Nick) - T6
Professor Gene - T6
Bishop - BB
Ultimate Faust

Equipment List: (We need EVERYTHING you can bring)
SmokeMaxX - 2 13" CRTs, 1 Wii
Seel007 - 1-2 PS3s + T6/SSF4/MvC2
iTorres - 2 PS3s + SSF4 + HDR + MvC2
Afierymisfit - CRT + PS3 + HDR + T6 + KOF12 + T5DR + MvC2 + Wii + TvC + Brawl
Panda - 2 CRTs + PS3 + SSF4
Whateverfighter - PS3
Zen - 1 CRT, 1 Asus Evo montior, Mystery Game Tourney games
VTS - Smash Setups?
Lan Di- CRT/PS3/PS2/SSF4

Potential Equipment (If coming)
None Yet

Vote-in list
UMK3 - 3
Killer Instinct - 2
CvS2 - 1
MvC2 - 3
Smash 64 - 1
DBZ Hyper Dimension - 1
SC4 - 3
Samurai Showdown - 1
MBAA - 2
GGAC - 3
KoF - 1
3rd Strike - 3
*Note: If your game is not voted in, please feel free to bring a setup and enjoy casuals.

Feel free to post these at your gaming centers/campuses/etc. Tell your friends. We are trying to build a community and make this big. You can help!

Credit to iTorres for making the beautiful fliers.
Credit to deezee989 for thinking of the name of the tournament.
Credit to Seifersythe, VTS, Rawkus, and everybody else for promoting the event!
Credit to Imperator for allowing us to use the ARFGN Blog.
Credit to DisturbinglyZen for creating a Facebook group and event page.
Credit to Conway Gaming Center for allowing us to use their facilities.

Get Hype Section:
Yo Yo Yo- Memphis’ Shin Blade is talking that mad shit not only sayin’ that he’s taking our SSF4 tourney but that his boy Bishop is only comin to get some free money in BlazBlue. He’s accepting money matches in SF, Tekken, or Guilty Gear if you’re man enough to face him.

Currently Arkansas’ own JoJo ain’t phased and has already challenged him to FT3 T6 and SSF4 for $10 each.

We all know the bad blood between Texas and Arkansas with FindMyFarms callin’ out AR last time and then taking our fight money. What’s even worse is Chuvylicious saying AR is free as hell and claiming he’s gonna take us out. Kinda funny comin’ from the scrubbiest player in Dallas. He’s so free he was scared to play one of his matches at Evo and didn’t even show up.

For my Dallas peeps- I might pick up Honda or Gen and show y’all why they call me MaxX Fingers.

We encourage people to write in votes for tournies that you would participate in if we ran. I’d participate in TvC and HDR if we ran them, so I vote them in.

Also, we need PS3s + games, Wiis + games, and CRTs for the tourney. Please let us know if you’re willing to bring equipment!

Thanks guys!

Yo, you know I’m in that shit. Also, I’ll have my 360 and my laptop to coordinate brackets and stuff on. Also, where’s the love for the Mystery Game Tourney?

Haha, shit I forgot. Write up some info on it and I’ll add it in.

Me and mexi will play TVC, so two more votes for that. Also, I want to play Ultimate mk3, if anyone else feels like hoping on the MK train. Killer instinct as well. I will GLADLY bring my PC if UMK3 or Killer Instinct gets voted in.

I’ll be there. One vote for HDR and CvS2. Also can I use a vote to promote removing Brawl? If so, count me against it.

Yes for killer instinct, yes for umk3, yes for mvc2, and yes for removing brawl :wink:

I’m totally there, and probably bringing a friend.

I’d be in for some old school Samurai Showdown or Soul Calibur 4 too.

Unfortunately, this one is more than 4 minutes from my house, but I’ll be there anyway. Oh, and put me down for 1 vote for MBAA, of course.

OP is updated. We need more equipment! Who’s contributing? Also, what’s ETA on the fliers Ish?

Haha of course Warp. I gotcha.

Haha, Harrel R. is me. Also, the second S isn’t capitalized/nitpick

Put me down for BB:CS and Melee. I guess I’ll throw in my vote for Accent Core.

Haha damn it. My bad. I don’t know anybody’s real names. Fixing ur stuff right now.

Alright, here it is - ARK2 Let me know if you need me to change anything.

As for the tourney, put Edison, Flacko and me for SSF4. Edison and me +1 for HDR. +1 MvC2 (Low Tier?) for me. We can bring 2 PS3 with SSF4, HDR and MvC2.

Do you think people will automatically know it’s in Conway, AR? I know it says “Conway Gaming Center” but this might be posted in parts of AR that don’t know where Conway is. Looks fantastic though. And by fantastic, I mean it has Arakune in it.

OK, how’s this? - ARK2

Looks great. I’ll change it.

I will try to get more people from Dallas to head there. Although I will need to know if there will be beer available so i can go.

Registering for SSF4 and CS. Voting for Melty.

Brother will not be able to make it, he’s doing some biking trip. But he wants to vote for Melty. :smiley:

I have a CRT here, along with an Xbox with HDR, MvC2, SSF4, and hopefully CS. I also have T6, KoFXII, HDR, T5:DR and MvC2 for PS3, if needed.

…I didn’t know PS3 had games…

EDIT: Just read through posts again, I have a Wii with TvC and maybe Brawl. I’m not quite sure where I put it.

I guess everyone becomes white wimmenz when you’re drunk. Also, don’t you want your shades?