A.R.K. II Results and Shoutouts


Our second ARK tournament has come and gone and it was just as successful as last time! Some events had more entrants, some had less, but overall we had a great turnout and hope everyone had a fantastic time. We thank everyone for making it out and supporting our community, especially our out of state entrants! I’ll save all the shoutouts for the second post though.

Like before, Super Street Fighter IV had the most entrants at 43, while Tatsunoko vs. Capcom had only 7. The Mystery Game Tournament, a new addition and considered by some to be the main event, had 10 entrants. The total pot money for our tournaments ended up being $1130 with $430 of that going to the Super Street Fighter IV pot (of which first place received $301).

Also like ARK I, we had participation from five different states (Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, and Arkansas). Unfortunately, we had less participation from Oklahoma and Missouri, but a much better turnout from Texas and Tennessee. Each state took home prize money as Oklahoma’s AnimeFreak took first in BlazBlue, Tennessee’s Lil Majin took first in Tekken, Arkansas’ Chamberlin, Edison, Meximelt, and Yosh took firsts in Melee, Mystery Tournament, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, and Brawl respectively, Texas’ FindMyFarms and Team Jop took firsts in SSFIV Singles and Teams respectively, and Missouri’s Warden took 2nds in the Mystery Tournament and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.


Enough of the blabber though, let’s get to the results:

BlazBlue:Continuum Shift - 14 Entrants

Full Results and Bracket


1: Anime Freak ($98.00)
2: Bishop. ($28.00)
3: Little Weng ($14.00)
4: Lil Majin
5: Kage
5: Warden
7: Seel
7: Shinblade
9: Tree
9: Solid Blake
9: Chamberlin
9: Misfit
13: ShinSuko
13: Seif

Tekken 6 - 10 Entrants

Full Results and Bracket


1: Lil Majin ($70.00)
2: Shinblade ($20.00)
3: JoJo ($10.00)
4: Thriller Man
5: Professor Gene
5: FlyMike
7: Anime Freak
7: Seel
9: Chase Jackson
9: Cordero

Super Smash Brothers: Melee - 16 Entrants (Players agreed on 25% cut for top 4 finishers)

Full Results and Bracket


1: Chamberlin ($40.00)
2: VTS ($40.00)
3: ACE ($40.00)
4: Arbustos ($40.00)
5: Seif
5: Anden
7: Tyler Sullivan
7: Modular
9: B.B.
9: Koholint Knight
9: Yoshi Man
9: Tree
13: JoJo
13: Erica
13: Adryend
13: J-Banga

Mystery Game Tournament - 10 Entrants

Full Results and Bracket


1: Edison ($35.00)
2: Warden ($10.00)
3: Misfit ($5.00)
4: MexiMelt
5: MaxX Fingers
5: Soul{n}BT
7: Ish
7: Little Weng
9: Solid Blake
9: Kage

Games included by round:
Round 1: Urban Champion
Round 2: Jackie Chan Fists of Fire
Round 3: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition
Round 4: Dong Dong Never Die
Round 5: Dino Rex

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom - 7 Entrants

Full Results and Bracket


1: MexiMelt ($24.50)
2: Warden ($7.00)
3: Deezee ($3.50)
4: Lan Di
5: Misfit
5: Solid Blake
7: MaxX Fingers

Super Smash Brothers: Brawl - 8 Entrants

Full Results and Bracket


1: YOSH ($56.00)
2: Thriller Man ($16.00)
3: Haruhi-ism ($8.00)
4: Sam Parker
5: Nick
5: Erica
7: JoJo
7: ACE

Super Street Fighter IV - 43 Entrants

Full Results and Bracket


1: FindMyFarms ($301.00)
2: Yungb254 ($86.00)
3: Little Weng ($43.00)
4: Chuvy
5: solidxpanda
5: Lil Majin
7: Kookie
7: JoJo
9: Shinblade
9: Warden
9: Edison
9: RawkusX
13: Thrawn
13: Janin
13: Cee
13: MexiMelt
17: MaxX Fingers
17: nmbr1krush
17: w00tsick
17: FlyMike
17: pJan
17: Special Buddy
17: Galvan
17: Yusuke
25: Flacko
25: SFighterlove
25: Exceed
25: Professor Gene
25: Deezee
25: Haruhi-ism
25: Ish
25: Ian
33: Kage
33: Swing Tail
33: Modular
33: Soul{n}BT
33: Chaotix
33: JDH
33: Scarlett XX
33: 2 Reality
33: Misfit
33: Lan Di
33: DisturbinglyZen

Super Street Fighter IV: 3 vs. 3 Teams - 9 Teams

Full Results and Bracket

1: JOP (Adnan, Chaotix, SFighterlove) ($94.50)
2: Asian Molesters (Max, Mike, Chuvy) ($27.00)
3: Dufong (nmbr1krush, yungb254, ian) ($13.50)
4: Chris Hanson (Special Buddy, Galvan, Thrawn)
5: Eggroll (Yusuke, Panda, Swingtail)
5: aiyafiyajamochashake (dennis, jojo, courtney)
7: i don’t care (modular, kage, junin)
7: diversiteam (exceed, SoulFroZBT, lan di)
7: hot sauce (deezee, meximelt, rawkus)[/details]


In addition to providing the full results and brackets for each event, we had managed to archive select matches thanks to stream organizer, Rawkus. More videos are on their way including Melee Finals and SSFIV singles.



Recorded Archived Stream
BlazBlue Archive 1
BlazBlue Archive 2
BlazBlue Archive 3
SSFIV 3v3 Teams Archive

Individual Matches

Pictures of the event were also taken.
ARK II Photos


Wow, our second ARK II tournament is done and even with ARK I under our belts, I can honestly say we were (pleasantly) surprised many times throughout the entire tournament. Whether it be the venue having great communication with us or community members stepping up whenever and wherever we needed it, we truly appreciate everything that has happened to us.

I personally apologize for the venue getting too hot and tournaments not running exactly on time. We (the TOs and the venue owners) tried to get the venue cooled down, but unfortunately failed due to the large number of people, consoles, and tvs. Next time I promise heat will not be a problem as we will have several additional fans on standby. As for the tournament start times- as much as we wanted to get all of the tournaments started exactly when we claimed we would, we were concerned that players would show up after registration ended and be disappointed that they could not enter. Unfortunately, it caused us to push back the tournament schedule, but there were several gamers that would not have gotten to play if we had not done so. However, it is still a valid concern that is actively being discussed among the tournament organizers. We will seek to find a better solution than forcing several players that arrived on time to wait for a single player that arrives late.

I guess I’ll start the shoutouts off by saying thank you everybody for coming and having a great time. The sheer number and variety of people made the event very entertaining and worth it for me. I wish we had a better turnout or at least have a higher percentage of those that preregistered show up, but ARK II was still very successful in achieving our number one objective: building the community.

Special shoutouts to Warden (Missouri) and AnimeFreak (Oklahoma) for single-handedly representing their states and doing a damn good job. Warden knocked our AR state champ to loser’s in SSFIV while AnimeFreak won the BB:CS tournament with his impressive Bang. Warden- sorry I kept having to cut our conversations short. It was a busy day. We can talk Bison strats some other time. AnimeFreak- thanks for coming dude. Sorry you had to miss the BB:CS quals to come, but I’m glad you did.

Special shoutouts as well to the entire Dallas crew that came up here and partied with us Friday and Saturday nights. Y’all are seriously a ton of fun (even you Chuvy!) and we’d be more than happy to host y’all again anytime. Even if you’re just driving through and need a place to stay for the night, just give us a call. Hit us up for the next big thing in Dallas (Bar Fights? Absolute Battle?) and we’ll be there. Thanks for the advice/training from all of y’all. Rep that Dufong (DuPhuong?)!

And I can’t forget the special shoutouts to the Memphis crew for rocking that Tekken and showing us how it’s done. Better luck next time on Super. Sorry I didn’t get to watch any of your matches w00tsick; I was looking forward to it too. Other than that, apparently Melty and Vanguard were getting hype as well. Next time come in early and y’all can party with all of us! FlyMike- I’ll have to find out where you got your stick art from. I might want to throw one of those on my new custom stick haha.

Shoutouts to our venue, Conway Gaming Center, for being phenomenal hosts. We couldn’t ask for better people to work with. They went out of their way to help us with whatever concerns/problems we had. They allowed us to use their equipment, tables, chairs, arcade cabinets (which were awesome btw), and whatever we needed without any problem. It was beyond successful (besides the heating hiccup) from our end. I hope they feel like the partnership was successful from their end as well. I heavily recommend this place to anybody who lives in central AR. Go there, meet the employees, and have a good time. They’re truly nice people and they share our vision of trying to build a better gaming community.

Shoutouts to all of our volunteers. Without y’all, this tournament wouldn’t be possible. From Anna, our registration table worker, to Kevin, Justin, VTS, YOSH, and Zen- our bracket runners, to Rawkus, our stream broadcaster, thank you guys. Anna, Kevin, and Justin didn’t have to show up, but they each did a great job. VTS and YOSH- it’s always a pleasure having some of the leaders of the Smash community come and help out in our events. Zen- great job on the brackets as well as designing/running the mystery game tournament. Every game seemed well thought out (or possibly picked randomly out of a hat). Rawkus- great job on the stream. Even though the internet kept going down, the stream looked great and I’m glad we got so many games/matches recorded. Thanks to Ish for designing the fliers and Seel and SeiferSythe for putting up the fliers. Thanks Kage for offering to help.

Shoutouts to the entire Arkansas fighting game community. There’s so much to say here. Thanks to everyone who traveled, especially those who traveled far. It was great seeing Jojo, Dennis, Courtney, Kage, Warp, Mexi, and DeeZee again. It was nice finally getting some matches against you Jojo. Thanks to the SRK community- Panda for hosting the out of towners, Seel for bringing everybody including the white wimmenz (Chuvy says thx), as well as everyone else. Thanks to all the other communities that showed up including our Blaz players, our Smash players, our Facebook attendees, etc. It really feels great to see you guys come up to us and say “we had a great time” or “when are you doing this again?” We do this for y’all and we’ll do this next time there’s a lot of interest.

Thanks again everyone. I know I didn’t cover every single person, but this post is way too long already.

PS: Thanks for coming Lan Di. I hope everything worked out for you and I hope you don’t still have a hanger stuck in your car.

1st post!

Had pretty good fun in this tournament. Entered 5 tournaments! SSF4 singles, SSF4 teams, Tekken 6, Smash Bros. Melee, Smash Bros. Brawl. That’s the most I’ve ever entered in a tournament.

MaxX GGs in casuals. You know, Bison beasts Cody for free. =)

Shinblade, GGs in the money match and casuals. Solid Steve. Sorry if I didn’t meet your expectations. I haven’t practiced very much.

Mike, GGs in the tourney. Very close match I gotta say. Your playing style reminds me of a good friend of mine.
GGs to everyone I played in the tournament. Shinblade, Lil Majin, Adnan, Sam, Mike, MaxX. Till the next time we meet!

Quick shouts:

Thanks Mike and Max for having us again. Props to Mike for organizing like a pro and lmfao at Max for talking mad shit to keep everything hype. And Kodee did my stick. The art is really worn now, battle-scars, but I guess it still kinda stands out LOL. As you both know by now, I support all A.R.K. events so keep them coming.

Good games to everyone I played in Tek. My boys ShinBlade and Thriller Man for peacing me out, and Jojo for getting paid during our MM. I was told you played Ling so from playing Big Jio I was really confident. Was certainly not expecting Alisa. Admittedly it was probably one of the worst things that could’ve happened because I don’t know any about her. Forgot she was on the game haha. Props man.

Good games to everyone I played in SSFIV. Sorry I could not help stop the Dallas onslaught, but I only play SFIV IN tournament matches lol. Don’t really like the game(SFIV series) at all, but it was nice competition here. Max, stfu lol.

Great games in Melty Blood: AA to Warp, Kage, and others. Only started playing a few days ago so my defense is ultra scrubby, but I’ve grasped the offensive side of things a bit. Thanks for the matches. South needs a HUGE scene in this game to replace GG and erase BB j/k, but yea good shit. Was mad fun and hype.

Again, tourney was cool as hell. Will definitely be back soon. Next tourney or two I’m calling 1st in Tek and KOFXIII when it drops lol. Until next time folk.

Yet another great tournament, Max and Mike. Thanks for letting me run the stream on such short notice. It was unfortunate about the Internet situation, but I’m glad we at least got part of the tournament out there to the masses. I’m sure that things will run much smoother next time. Also, thanks to everyone who tuned in! I know that several of you Dallas guys were in chat, so thanks for stopping by.

GGs to everyone I played in Super, especially to Lil Majin and Jojo for knocking me out.

Adnan, Warp, Lan Di, Panda, Zen, w00tsick, etc. - Good to see you guys again!

Oh, and I’ve got some more videos up on YouTube… pretty much all the BB:CS I could cut out of the stream. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that most of the grand finals DID actually get streamed when it was thought to be lost forever. All the links are below:


Like Max said, more videos to come!

Good stuff again people, it was awesome even if I couldn’t get anyone else from OK to go with me.
Good Games to all people I played in Tekken and BB:CS, especially Bishop for Banging it up with me and lil Majin for NOT Tagering it up with me.

Whenever the next one is I’ll try to be there

GGs bro. But your boy Shinblade took it back for you. Ask him bout it. Haha

The tourney was awesome, even with the heat. I’ll have to come visit you guys and play some casuals sometime. Very hospitable down in AR.

Max - don’t worry about it, I wasn’t upset in the slightest. Running a tourney is not an easy task, I understand. We need to talk more Bison shop!

Mike - I have no idea how I won in SF4. I think you took every last ounce of skill from me, cause it was all downhill from there. Good shit, can’t wait to play you again.

Everyone else - GGs. This was a very friendly tournament, even under less than ideal circumstances. You guys have a lot of fun with it and that’s what is important. See you all next time!

Shut outs to my main boys Mike and Max for running another amazing tournament. It was a blast and the most fun I’ve had at a tournament. If you guys keep it up its only going to get bigger and bigger.
Good job to all the Arkansas players. We showed what we were made of this time around. It won’t be so easy next time Dallas, lol.
Good games to chuvy, chaotix, flymike, dennis, warden and the whole memphis crew. I hope to see everyone next time.
It was good seeing returning players like rawkus, dee zee, meximelt (I owe you that balrog match), adnan and his crew.
Thanks for respecting my house and kicking it hard Dallas. You dudes are a lot of fun.
Until then, I’m gonna hit the training stage up and level up.

Good stuff man :tup:

Who’s this guy? Seems like the pefect person to join the 002 Brigade!


I kno this is late but here goes…

AnimeFreak: Awesome Bang man! Those were the most intense Grand Finals I have ever had. Bang on Bang is such a crazy matchup but so fun at the same time. Great games! Hopefully we’ll meet again someday.

Mike Weng: Good to see that you’re still gaming. It’s been years but it was good to see ya and nice Bang as well. Thanks for having such an awesome tourney! Im definitely lookin forward to future ARK tourneys.

Shout outs to Kage and the guy I played for like 30min straight on Vanguard Princess. Fun times indeed.

That would be me. :lol:

GGs to everyone I played, even though I didn’t get to play about half of you Dallas folks.

gg’s Arkansas, Thanks Mike and Maxx and whoever else was responsible for running the tournament. Thanks Panda for housing us and showing us a good time.

You guys have definitely gotten alot better since we last played in Austin. See you guys next time you are in Texas.

Also, were there any vids recorded for sf4 singles?

Haha, not MY Bison! Next time pimpin’, next time. Hope your girl had fun!

Thanks FlyMike. Always a pleasure seeing you and your crew come down (along with all the other Memphis guys). I gotta get better at my shit talkin’. Right now I’m just like “Oh yeah? Well your mother has sexual relations with multiple men!” Anyway thanks for the support dude. Or should I be thanking y’all for taking our money? Haha. Oh and if you’re gonna call first in Tekken, there’s this other guy you gotta beat first. I think his name is Lil Majin.

Thank you for running the stream on such short notice! haha. It went great! Next time we’ll fix the internet situation and everything for sure will go a lot smoother. Also, this is the media guy for everyone who’s waiting for videos. I know the Smash people are waiting for the Melee videos too, whenever you have time.

Sounds good man. Maybe we’ll talk some more OK guys into coming down next time. I’m disappointed Saif, ODLei and then all missedout.

Thanks man. You definitely have to come down and play some casuals. I need more Bisons to learn from. Also, yeah we definitely need to talk more Bison. For example, I feel that Pink Bison is top tier, but everyone wants to rock Red Bison.

Thanks for reppin’ Arkansas and getting 5th. Too bad that scrub Chuvy got higher than you. I was beasting him in casuals like 100 to 0.

Thanks for showing up man! We’ll be there (hopefully) for Bar Fights and we’ll definitely try to make it there for Absolute Battle. There should be videos coming for SSF4 singles soon. Rawkus will update me when he has them.

Yo… that shit was tight.

Seriously, I played exactly one game of SSF4 that day (cause I felt pretty shit-tacular), but it was still fun to hype up the mystery game tournament.

You guys need to come back for our high roller Urban Champion tournament later this year. It’s gonna be legit.

lol tim winning blazblue goodjob dude!!! guess your happy i wasnt there eh?? heheh.