A rare glimpse of Michael Jackson's kids' faces

them kids definitely aint his… the boy does kinda look like him though.

I bet they CANNOT WAIT until they can change their names.

Or if they don’t care now, they will in the future. Prince Michael II.

…Prince Michael II.

its like spotting mew in pokemon snap

That girl doesnt seem thrilled to be with him AT ALL

It makes me sick to think some guy got paid a buttload of cash for that picture. When I take pictures of children I just get called a stalker and a pedophile. There is no justice in this world.

Michael Jackson isn’t even a fun celebrity to hate. I wish they’d just let him fade into obscurity.

The girl looks pissed the fuck off

lmao so true

Yeah I would be pretty pissed if I had to walk around in a mask like that.

Those eyes on the girl speak of what cannot be be unseen.


Seriously. My nephew is biracial and those two kids don’t have a glimpse of black or even a splash of mocha in them at all.

I’m still trying to figure out how Mike started off black, gradually turned himself white, and then had some white kids.

I think the daughter is just mad that Prince is getting dicked by MJ and she is not.
Also, is that Marisa Tomei under that umbrella?

the birth mother was white.

what? you guys never seen a teenage girl hate walking around with her parents before? :chat:

I loled at the fact that the girl has BLUE eyes.

Is it plausible for bi-racial kids to come out with silky Anglo hair like that?

I mean I know in the history of Bi-Racial kids, it’s had to happen before. Moreso with Girls, but usually hair like that doesn’t come on, unless that Bi-Racial kid marries somebody White.

Not go straight from a Black and White parent right on to having mostly White features

:rofl: Good one.

But yeah, these kids look hardly happy at all. Must be if they’re forced to go out almost every day with those goofy masks.

To be fair, Rashida Jones looks like she has no black in her at all but her dad is Quincy Jones.



yeah, but TWO non black looking kids?

Rashida does have a slight honey glow to her skin though. Those two kids look Scandanavian(the girl) and Spanish(the boy) white.

Seriously they should be somewhat black right?..right???:wonder: